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  • Big Finish Fiction Books
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Latest Big Finish Fiction Books


8. Mediasphere

The Liberator crew infiltrate the Mediasphere, a space station which produces the Federation's propaganda and popular entertainment. But who is ...

Big Finish Books

Big Finish publishes a growing range of fiction and non-fiction titles.

From the award-winning short stories of Rob Shearman and the comedies of Nev Fountain's Mervyn Stone to the fact-filled non-fiction works of The Inside Story and the Big Finish Companion.

We have autobiographies from some of the best known names in the SF genre and novels from the world of Blake's 7 and Bernice Summerfield.

We are now moving into eBooks with MOBI and EPUB versions available for download. And we'll be offering an increasing number of titles in this format as well as book and audiobook as time goes on.

There's something for everyone with Big Finish books.

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Latest Big Finish Factual Books

The Big Finish Companion Volume 02

The Big Finish Companion Volume 02

The second volume of the comprehensive guide to Big Finish releases including Doctor Who, Bernice Summerfield, The Tomorrow People, Stargate, an...

Latest Mervyn Stone - Books

Cursed Among Sequels (Paperback)

3. Cursed Among Sequels (Paperback)

It’s the announcement all its fans have been waiting for!

After seventeen long years, they’re bringing back the science-fiction TV series Vi...

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