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Originally published by Big Finish as an eBook and paperback in October 2010, we’re delighted that Carrie Sutton, a professional actress who has worked extensively in theatre, has now narrated her novel After the Break-Up as an audiobook.

What do you do when the One turns out not to be the One after all? When your dream home is snatched away from you, unfinished Schreiber kitchen units and all, and your dog is sent to live with your parents? When you suddenly have to find a flatmate, a way to pay the rent, a reason to keep going and maybe… ultimately… a new boyfriend?

Sharp, funny and hugely entertaining, Carrie Sutton charts her life in the year following the Big Break-Up. The bad dates… the good friends… the times when you think you can’t go on and the moment when you realise that you are finally okay on your own.

After the Break-Up: A Girl's Guide

If you’ve ever experienced a Big Break-Up and need cheering up, a bit of friendly advice or a few practical tips – this is the book for you! Reading this book is like talking to your best friend over a large glass of wine: uplifting, truthful and wise. As a feel-good remedy it does everything except order you a taxi home at the end of the evening! 

Producer Xanna Eve Chown told us more just after the recording: “I'm really pleased that After the Break-Up is going to be available as an audiobook. Re-visiting it in studio reminded me what a lovely, friendly book this is; full of hilarious anecdotes as well as useful advice for the broken hearted – and a chocolate recipe! It was great to catch up with Carrie too – she is such fun, and brings a lot of life and humour to the reading.”

Author and narrator Carrie Sutton admits: "I loved narrating this. It was so much fun to get in studio and put my voice to my work. It felt very natural as it is paced just right for me – how I think and phrase things… and, of course, I know it so well! It was very interesting reading it all again, reliving it almost. I thought to myself, I could‘ve used some of this advice of mine at times, which is hilarious!

"It was great to find I still believed in what I’d said, that it was still relevant and had a place with something unique to offer… that I could help people through – with a laugh, with a shoulder to cry on, with the knowledge that it‘s not just them alone in it."

After the Break-Up received fantastic reviews online: 5/5 “I can honestly say that it has changed my life. As I was turning the pages there were so many similarities and I wasn't even married yet (just engaged) and it got me thinking, 'Am I engaged for the sake of being engaged, because I'm at the age where one should be?’” Amazon

5/5 “Just finished reading Carrie Sutton's book and its fabulous… even 10 months after my break-up its helped me. It’s funny, spoken from the heart and tells you everything you need to know!!! It's made me realise just how much I have moved on, I am a stronger and happier person and now I know I am not the only one who felt like I did!!! Carrie writes in such a wonderful way.” Amazon

“Very Sex and the City. Put heart and humour into something really difficult. Took the weight off my shoulders.” Goodreads

You can buy After the Break-Up: A Girl’s Guide audiobook now on download at £9.99. Or why not save more money and purchase a bundle of the paperback with the audiobook (plus an additional charge for shipping costs).

After the Break-Up is also available individually at £8.95 in paperback or £3.99 as an eBook.

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