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The Jago & Litefoot Revival Act 2

7.04. The Jago & Litefoot Revival Act 2

Starring Trevor Baxter, Christopher Benjamin

"In Jagoees, I give this a devilishly, dazzlingly, distinguished 10 out of 10," Indie Mac User

"All in all, the second act of The Jago and L...

Out now!

Other recent releases

The Jago & Litefoot Revival Act 1

7.03. The Jago & Litefoot Revival Act 1

Starring Christopher Benjamin, Trevor Baxter

Out now!

The Beast of Kravenos

6.01. The Beast of Kravenos

Starring Tom Baker, Lalla Ward, John Leeson, Christopher Benjamin, Trevor Baxter

Out now!

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Coming Soon

13. Jago & Litefoot Series 13

Jago & Litefoot Series 13

Starring Trevor Baxter, Christopher Benjamin, Conrad Asquith and Lisa Bowerman

Out in April

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Jago & Litefoot

Jago and Litefoot is an audio series from Big Finish Productions. The stories involve Henry Gordon Jago and George Litefoot, characters first introduced in Doctor Who: The Talons of Weng-Chiang, who become Infernal Investigators, solving mysteries involving paranormal or alien phenomena in 1880s London.

Christopher Benjamin, Trevor Baxter and Conrad Asquith reprise their roles as Jago, Litefoot, and PC Quick (now a sergeant). They are joined in the regular cast by Lisa Bowerman as barmaid Ellie Higson.

The Companion Chronicles story The Mahogany Murderers acts as a pilot for this series.

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