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For The Love Of StoriesBig Finish produce fantastic full-cast audio dramas for CD and download.

Toby Hadoke's Who's Round

In honour of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who in 2013, Toby Hadoke embarked on an epic quest: to interview someone from every single Doctor Who story. Feeling Doctors or companions are a bit too easy, he travels the country meeting legends from the show's history from both in front of and behind the cameras, and chats to them about their time working on Doctor Who and the lives they have led since (and, indeed, before).

The interviews are in the form of podcasts on the Big Finish website, which you can download or stream here, or subscribe on iTunes, Spotify or other podcast outlets. All episodes are free, so if you've enjoyed Toby's chat, all he asks is that you give a donation to a charity nominated by the interview subject.

If you have any comments for Toby, or hints and tips on how to locate other people formerly associated with Doctor Who, you can email him via the address.

Guests so far:

Adrian Gibbs
Adrienne Burgess
Alan Curtis
Alex Midwood
Alexandra Tynan
Amanda Lawrence
Andrew Cartmel Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Andrew Lodge
Andrew Morgan
Andrew Smith
Andrew Staines
Andy Goddard
Anne Faggetter
Anthony Calf
Anthony Read
Arthur Darvill Part 1, Part 2
Barrie Ingham
Ben Crompton
Ben Payton
Bernard Holley
Bernard Kay Part 1, Part 2
Bernard Lodge
Bernie Newnham
Bethany Black Part 1, Part 2
Bill Sellars
Bob Baker
Bob Mills
Brian Croucher
Brian Hodgson Part 1, Part 2
Brian Miller Part 1, Part 2
Brian White
Caroline Berry
Chris Jury
Christine Rawlins
Chris Porter
Christopher H Bidmead Part 1, Part 2
Christopher Guard
Christopher Neame
Christopher Robbie
Clifford Rose
Clinton Greyn
Clive Doig
Clive Merrison
Colin Mapson
Colin Spaull
Crawford Logan
Dan Starkey
Daniel Hill
Darrol Blake Part 1, Part 2
Dave Mundy
David Collings
David Graham
David John
David Quilter
David Roden
David Troughton
David Weston
Debbie Chazen
Derek Martin
Dominic Glynn
Donald Douglas
Donald Pelmear
Doreen James
Dorka Nieradzik Part 1, Part 2
Dorota Rae
Dorothy-Rose Gribble
Edmund Pegge
Edward De Souza
Eirlys Bellin
Emma Campbell-Jones
Fiona Cumming
Frazer Hines
Gareth Jenkins
Geoffrey Bayldon
Geoffrey Beevers
George Gallaccio Part 1, Part 2
Geraldine Alexander
Giles Block
Gillian Martell
Glyn Jones
Gordon Sterne
Graeme Harper Part 1, Part 2
Gregory de Polnay
Hamish Wilson
Henry Woolf
Ian Boldsworth
Ian Briggs - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Ian Cullen
Ian Dow
Ian Fraser
Ian Hogg - Part 1, Part 2
Ian Talbot
Ilona Rogers
Jana Carpenter
Jamie Mathieson
Janet Henfrey
Jeremy Bulloch
Jeremy Wilkin
Jeremy Young
Joanna Monro
John Atterbury
John Black
John Bloomfield
John Challis
John Davies
John Gorrie Part 1, Part 2
John Griffiths
John Kane
John Leeson
John Moreno
John Nettleton
Johnny Candon
Johnny Dennis
Jon Davey
Jonjo O'Neil
Joseph Long
Joseph Marcell
Joy Harrison
Julie Hesmondhalgh
June Bland
June Hudson Part 1, Part 2
Keith Hodiak
Kevin McNally
Laurie Webb
Lawry Lewin
Les McCallum
Linda Clark
Lynda Bellingham Part 1, Part 2
Malcolm Middleton
Marcia Wheeler Part 1, Part 2
Marcus Gilbert
Margot Hayhoe
Mark Ayres Part 1, Part 2
Mark Gatiss
Martin Cochrane
Martin Cort
Matthew Jacobs
Matthew Waterhouse
Maureen Beattie
Maureen O'Brien
Maureen Morris
Milton Johns Part 1, Part 2
Michael Allaby
Michael Briant
Michael Ferguson Part 1, Part 2
Michael Kilgarriff Part 1, Part 2
Michael McCarthy Part 1, Part 2
Michael Pickwoad
Morris Perry
Murray Evans
Nicholas McArdle
Nicholas Pegg
Nick Revell
Nicola Bryant
Norman Hartley
Pamela-Ann Davey
Pat Heigham Part 1, Part 2
Patricia Pryor
Paul Cole
Paul Joyce Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Paul Shelley
Paul Wheeler
Peter Harness
Peter Howell Part 1, Part 2
Peter Miles
Peter Neill
Peter Stenson
Peter Straker
Peter Thomas
Philip Bird
Philip Martin Part 1, Part 2
Philip Voss
Prentis Hancock
Ralph Watson
Ray Lonnen
Rex Robinson
Richard Ashton
Richard Hope
Richard Martin Part 1, Part 2
Ricky Newby
Rio Fanning
Rob Edwards
Rob Goodman
Robert Aldous
Robert Forknall
Rodney Bennett
Roger Bunce Part 1, Part 2
Roger Jerome
Roger Limb
Roger Murray-Leach Part 1 , Part 2
Roy Scammell
Royston Farrell
Rula Lenska
Russell T Davies Part 1, Part 2Part 3,
Russell T Davies Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7
Sakuntala Ramanee
Sam Cox
Sarah Berger
Saul Metzstein
Sheenagh Wreyford
Simon Fisher-Becker
Sneh Gupta
Spencer Chapman
Stephen Churchett
Stephen Gallagher Part 1Part 2
Stephen Garlick
Stephen Thorne
Steve Mansfield
Steven Moffat1st Interview2nd Interview
Sue Upton Part 1, Part 2
Suranne Jones
Susan Moore
Tara Ward
Terence Bayler
Terrance Dicks
Terence Lodge
Tim Humphries
Timothy Block
Toby Whithouse
Tom Kelly
Tony Caunter
Tony Millier
Tony Osoba
Trevor Cooper
Trevor Martin Part 1, Part 2
Valentine Palmer
Vernon Dobtcheff
Vik Ritelis
Virginia Wetherell
Waris Hussein Part 1, Part 2 
Wendy Danvers
Will Barton
William Dudman
William Hurndell
William Ilkley
Zoe Wanamaker

Everyone involved in Toby's interviews give their time for free. Big Finish wish to express our gratitude for their generosity, and we ask that if you've enjoyed these then do consider donating to the charities nominated at the end of each podcast.

Thank you!

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