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The Dying Room

18. The Dying Room

Starring Simon Russell Beale and Mark Elstob

"In this room everyone learns the truth. And neither of us will be quite the same when we leave."

Paris, 1940s. The German-occupied city is ...

Out now!

Other recent releases

The Office of Never Was

17. The Office of Never Was

Starring Gareth David-Lloyd

Out now!


16. torchwood_cascade_CDRip.tor

Starring Naoko Mori

Out now!

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Coming Soon

19. The Death of Captain Jack

The Death of Captain Jack

Starring John Barrowman, James Marsters

Out in March

20. The Last Beacon

The Last Beacon

Starring Burn Gorman, Gareth David-Lloyd

Out in April

21. We Always Get Out Alive

We Always Get Out Alive

Starring Eve Myles, Kai Owen

Out in May

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Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) returns in Torchwood, all new audio adventures based on the popular Doctor Who spin off series.

Torchwood - a clandestine organisation outside the government, beyond the police. An elite team of operatives defending Cardiff and the world from alien menaces and terrible forces, keeping the city safe from the interdimensional rift that runs through it.

Led by the irrepressible Captain Jack Harkness, former Time Agent and companion to the Doctor, this new series of stories find the Torchwood team caught up in a dangerous event which will impact their lives forever.

The series begins with The Conspiracy, released in September 2015 - and the story will continue in five further releases monthly through to 2016.

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