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  • Mervyn Stone - Books
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Latest Mervyn Stone - Books

Cursed Among Sequels (Paperback)

3. Cursed Among Sequels (Paperback)

It’s the announcement all its fans have been waiting for!

After seventeen long years, they’re bringing back the science-fiction TV series Vi...

Mervyn Stone

Mervyn Stone does not look like a special man. His nose is too big, his hair is always on the point of open rebellion, and he appears to have put his clothes on in the dark. He looks like a hedge which has been dragged through a man backwards.

These wonderfully witty and observant books mark the publishing debut of top comedy writer Nev Fountain (Dead Ringers, Elephants to Catch Eels and, of course, Doctor Who for Big Finish) and are complemented by an audio adventure which will be released in 2013.

You can enjoy these fantastically funny thrillers as leatherbound collector's editions, hardback, paperback or eBook, and audio adventure The Axeman Cometh is available for pre-order as a CD or download.

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Latest Mervyn Stone - Audio

The Axeman Cometh

1. The Axeman Cometh

STARRING: John Banks and Nicola Bryant

"Dear Mervyn. If you want to prevent a murder, then you must attend the recording at the Sounderama studios on Thursday. Signed: a friend."


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