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The Big Finish Team

Big Finish is all about team work. There's a group of people who work regularly for the company, all of them putting in more hours than they're paid for. All of them love their work and are hugely dedicated. Here's a selection of them below.



Executive Producer. Jason is co-executive producer, alongside Nick Briggs. He founded and owns the company. As well as attending regular production and company meetings and making crucial decisions about how the company runs, Jason also occasionally directs and is involved in the commissioning of new projects (such as Graceless and The Mervyn Stone Mysteries). He has also been responsible for many key, creative decisions in Big Finish (such as the casting of India Fisher and Sheridan Smith). Nick Briggs has described him as 'the best boss you could ever wish for'.



Executive Producer. Nick is co-executive producer alongside company chairman, Jason Haigh-Ellery. He is also an actor, writer, director, sound designer and composer. His main responsibility is on the creative side, but he has also taken on organisational responsibilities and oversees all areas of the company's operations such as mail order, customer enquiries and the website. He has written and directed many productions throughout BF's many ranges, although he has mostly focussed on Doctor Who. He was instrumental in the setting up of the 2000 AD range, he created The Companion Chronicles. He also wrote and directed the acclaimed Dalek Empire series (featuring Gareth Thomas, David Tennant and Noel Clarke). His two main missions when taking over as executive producer were to have Big Finish set-up a download system and to secure the services of Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor. He kept that second objective secret and assures us that he has other goals still in mind.



Line Producer and Producer. David has overall organisational responsibility, working with Nick. In short, he makes everything happen from script to the finished CD. Beyond this frankly gargantuan set of tasks, he has also had many creative successes with the company, not least as producer of The Companion Chronicles (Seasons 3-8, and box set Volume 1), his beloved Jago and Litefoot , Counter-Measures, the Lost Stories, the Fourth Doctor Adventures, Blake's 7, Survivors, The Omega Factor and The Avengers. He continues to innovate and create, working tirelessly, all hours of the day. He and Nick recently joked that they knew they'd be emailing each other about BF business on Christmas day... then realized they weren't really joking. Currently David is producing across a variety of Doctor Who spin-offs that star characters from the post-2005 series: The War Doctor, The Tenth Doctor, UNIT, The Diary of River Song, The Churchill Years, Jago and Litefoot and Strax and Classic Doctors, New Monsters.



As many of you will know, Paul tragically died suddenly in 2014, leaving us all in a terrible state of shock. The work he did for us as Producers' Assistant was unique and invaluable. Paul's chief job was 'holding the fort' at the office and assisting David and Nick. His in-built attention to detail meant that he was invaluable to proof-reading and a whole variety of mind-numbingly boring but essential tasks that would send mere humans instantly to sleep. He also looked after the email enquiries, helping customers with queries and questions. He edited (and wrote most of) Vortex, our monthly, free magazine and he was the highly entertaining co-presenter of our regular podcasts. He was a great friend and valued colleague of the whole team. We will never forget him.



Ian was drafted in to assist Paul Spragg as his role expanded. After Paul's tragic death, Ian has taken on the full role of Producers' Assistant, getting to grips with everything Paul did. Ian had known Paul for many years as a friend and colleague and they shared many skills and interests. We are extremely grateful to him for taking on such a key role at such a difficult time for all of us. Ian has recently taken on producer duties on the free-to-subscribers Doctor Who Short Trips and is also producing The Companion Chronicles.



A long time supporter and listener of Big Finish's output, Sue has recently joined us, bringing her considerable skill set. She is currently focussing on digital media and metadata, and has taken on the role of General Manager. This means she leads the production office team, maintains the release schedule, and co-ordinates all digital asset deliveries. She is also a key part of the team in website development and marketing.



Marketing Consultant. Kris is skilled in communication and media management, social media, business development and creative solutions - and we're very lucky to have him on board. His clarity of thought and ability to plan exciting new strategies have the potential to transform Big Finish and enable the company to achieve its true potential. Currently, he is helping us plan new marketing initiatives to help us communicate more clearly and effectively with our current and potential customers. He's also proving invaluable in the ongoing development of our new website.



Script editor and writer. Alan has had a long and fruitful history with Big Finish. As writing collaborator with former producer Gary Russell, he created many of Big Finish's iconic Doctor Who moments (including Zagreus, Gallifrey and I'Davros). Notably, he wrote Paul McGann's first adventure, Storm Warning and created the characters of Charley Pollard and Lucie Miller. After becoming script editor of the Doctor Who main range in 2006, he soon began work on the Eighth Doctor and Lucie Miller adventures (broadcast on BBC Radio 7 -- now 4 Extra) with Nick Briggs. Then when Nick became executive producer, Alan and he began their very own long and fruitful history, with Alan responsible, according to Nick, 'for all the good ideas'. It's Alan's responsibility to come up with ideas for each Doctor Who main range mini-season and to commission and work with writers. In short, his work for the Doctor Who audios is vast and largely unseen, but absolutely vital.



Designer. Our 'go to' guy for all design matters, Mark is responsible for laying out and designing Vortex, all ongoing website elements and adverts, covers, CD booklets and he's currently overhauling our brand image. A thoroughly nice guy who is always there to help and will drop everything at a moment's notice to design something for us.



Books Production. Xanna took over production on the Short Trips book range in 2008 and edited Short Trips: Christmas Around the World. Since then, she has done the production on almost all Big Finish's books and is very good at answering questions like: 'How do you calculate the spine width of a book?' (Obviously, the calculation is based on the number of pages multiplied by the gauge and volume of the paper, divided by 20,000 plus an allowance for the thickness of the boards/cloth.) She has edited books by Nev Fountain, Robert Shearman, Jo Bloggs and Carrie Sutton; and is currently working on the Blake's 7 novels. She has also written several Short Trips stories, a Bernice Summerfield novel and audio, and two Dorian Gray audios.



Designer. One of Mark's illustrious predecessors and responsible for the new look that came to Big Finish when Nick Briggs became exec producer. He is multi-talented, taking on designing, photography and acting. Bursting with enthusiasm, he has proved to be an inspiration to the company. And to demonstrate exactly the kind of person he is, here is the biog he wanted us to put on the website...'Alex has worked with Big Finish since 2006 after spilling his drink on Nick Briggs. He has literally three skills: pictures, shouting and making tea, all of which Big Finish has successfully harnessed and continue to exploit while feeding Alex's Lego habit.' Alex is currently taking a break from Big Finish and is concentrating on other projects. But he will always be a great friend to the company and we hope to persuade him to come back some day soon.



Director. Ken was brought on board by Nick Briggs when Nick was looking to expand the number of directors working for the company. They had previously worked together on a theatre production of The Speckled Band (starring Nick as Sherlock Holmes). Ken has now directed all of the Big Finish Doctors across the ranges, as well as The Companion Chronicles and Sherlock Holmes. Ken is currently working on The Avengers: The Lost Episodes, Survivors, Counter-Measures, Blake's 7 (full cast and The Liberator Chronicles) and a number of new projects. He is an enormous asset to the company and has an easy-going style which belies a phenomenal attention to detail.



Actor and director. Lisa has been with Big Finish from the start, playing the part of Professor Bernice Summerfield. When Nick Briggs took over as executive producer, Lisa was another of the people he approached to swell the ranks of BF directors. But it was Nigel Fairs who first invited her to direct on the Tomorrow People and Sapphire and Steel ranges. She now worked almost constantly on The Companion Chronicles and continues to direct Jago and Litefoot, putting her 'little black book' of actors to great use in her inspired casting.



Director and producer. John has worked for Big Finish for many years in various capacities. He became a director of the Doctor Who main range at Nick Briggs's invitation and has since notched up a great many productions. He was responsible for the highly successful Key 2 Time and Klein mini-seasons, the original Doctor Who Unbound series and the 2000AD range. He is currently working as producer and director on our Pathfinder Legends range and recently directed the brilliant audio dramatisation of Night of the Triffids.



Writer and director. Another director recruited by Nick Briggs, Barnaby first became associate producer on the Eighth Doctor and Lucie Miller adventures, where he was responsible for some truly spectacular casting. He continued that tradition throughout all four seasons and, along the way, directed many other Doctor Who adventures, writing a number of them himself. He also wrote and directed brand new, acclaimed adaptations of The Phantom of the Opera and Treasure Island (the latter starring Tom Baker). Barnaby continues to work for Big Finish as a director, with a number of exciting projects in the pipeline.



Writer, producer, director. Gary was producer of Big Finish for the first seven years and made a huge success of the company. His responsibilities spanned scripts, production, casting, post-production, cover design and marketing. His triumphs are too numerous to mention, but among them are the Eighth Doctor and Charley adventures, Sarah Jane Smith, Gallifrey, Bernice Summerfield and I, Davros. He left Big Finish to pursue a successful career as a script editor for BBC Wales, working on Doctor Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures. He has recently returned to Big Finish to produce, direct and script edit more adventures for Bernice Summerfield and Gallifrey. He is currently serving as executive producer on a Big Finish TV co-production for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Prisoner Zero (an animated action series for children).



Sound designer and composer. Andy first worked as a sound designer for Big Finish on The Holy Terror. He has since gone on to be one of the company's most admired and prolific sound designers and composers. He worked on nearly all of the Eighth Doctor and Lucie range, has contributed to the Fourth Doctor adventures and provided the sound design and music for the award-winning Eight Doctor box set Dark Eyes. Andy continues to work with us on the monthly main range Doctor Who audios.



Sound designer and composer. Jamie first worked for Big Finish on the sound design of Dalek Empire 4: The Fearless. He has since provided some of our best loved music scores and has earned a reputation with the team for producing really catchy theme tunes. Listen to the theme of Jago and Litefoot and we guarantee that you'll be humming it for the rest of the day. Other notable themes he's composed are Highlander, Sherlock Holmes, Vienna and Graceless. He also provided the sound design and music for our 50th Anniversary Doctor Who story, The Light at the End. Jamie continues to work across all our ranges.



Sound designer and director. Martin has provided superb sound design work on series such as Doctor Who: Short Trips, Sherlock Holmes, Counter Measures, the main, monthly Doctor Who range and Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor adventures. He was also assistant director on Sherlock Holmes: The Perfidious Mariner.



Howard started out working with us on the Sixth Doctor story Patient Zero. Since then, he has become another of our most prolific sound designers and composers. His work has spanned all the Doctor Who ranges, Sherlock Holmes, Jago and Litefoot and many, many more productions.



Toby is the owner of The Moat Studios, where Big Finish records the bulk of its productions. He is also renowned for cooking the excellent Big Finish lunches while being the fastest sound engineer in the known universe. Toby has also provided great sound design and music for a number of our productions over the years, providing the perfect period feel for The Avengers.



Caroline is our commercial affairs manager, which means she works on expanding Big Finish's distribution throughout the global market. She is a valuable and popular member of the team who worked for Audiogo for many years. Her love of audio meant she was an idea fit for Big Finish, when Audiogo went into liquidation, and we were happy to welcome her aboard. Her enthusiasm and creativity is a huge asset to the company.



Writer, director and producer. Scott has been working for Big Finish for many years, alongside his other work in television and radio. He created the Dorian Gray series and has other notable successes, including Frankenstein, The Worlds of Big Finish and The Wizard of Oz. He's most recently worked on our audio dramatization of Dracula and has been directing many of the Doctor Who Virgin novel adaptations, including the much anticipated All-Consuming Fire.



Writer, director and producer. Jamie writes, produces and directs Big Finish's audio versions of his father Gerry's Terrahawks. He has also worked as script editor on The Prisoner, producer on the second series of Charlotte Pollard and has started directing stories for the Doctor Who Main Range. He's also helping to develop other projects for Big Finish.

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