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227. Toby Hadoke's Who's Round 227 - Joseph Marcell

Toby Hadoke's Who's Round 227 - Joseph Marcell

Released October 2017


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Well, who better for the anniversary Who’s Round than a special guest - recognisable world wide - who appeared in a Doctor Who story set in November 1963. His brush with the show is brief but it’s a cracking scene in a landmark adventure.

He’s also had an extraordinary career on the classical stage (leading roles at the Globe, the National and the RSC), on British television and... well, let’s just say his work on a particular sitcom means that he his stopped on the street with huge regularity (it happened during the post podcast lunch and caused quite a stir and lots of photo ops - for him, not Toby!).

He’s also a charming and delightful conversationalist who is reduced to tears when remembering Nicol Wiliamson and very thoughtful and insightful on fame and the changing face of theatre. And you get to hear him do his Dalek impression - you won’t get this stuff anywhere else guys!!!

Nominated charity: Sickle Cell Society

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