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Companion Chronicles - Series 7 Details

Companion Chronicles - Series 7 Details

5 April 2012

Details have been announced for the seventh season of The Companion Chronicles, the Big Finish audio range which follows the Doctor’s companions in brand new, exciting adventures.

The next season launches in July with The Time Museum by James Goss, which stars William Russell as Ian Chesterton and Philip Pope as Pendolin. “The Time Museum is a celebration of the life of Ian,” says producer David Richardson, “and it’s a lovely script by Companion Chronicles newcomer James, who has written Doctor Who tales for AudioGO and produces our own Dark Shadows series with Joseph Lidster.

“We had intended that a story called The Alchemists would be released in this slot, but last minute scheduling problems meant that this First Doctor story has had to take it place. The Alchemists will instead be released in 2013.”

Wendy Padbury returns as Zoe Heriot in August, reunited with her daughter Charlie Hayes as Jen, in The Uncertainty Principle by Simon Guerrier. “This is a continuation of the older Zoe’s incarceration by the mysterious Company,” says producer David Richardson, “which also explores a hidden memory of Zoe’s time with the Doctor.”

Maggie O’Neill (Shameless, EastEnders) reprises the role of Aristedes from Project: Destiny and stars alongside Sylvester McCoy in Project: Nirvana, a brand new Forge story by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright in September. “We’d loved working with Maggie,” says David, “and she was so good we wanted to find a way to bring her back for more. A Companion Chronicle which delved back into that mysterious organization known as The Forge seemed the perfect opportunity to reunite Aristedes with the Doctor, and find out what she has been up to since we last saw her.”

October’s release is The Last Post by James Goss, which stars Caroline John and Liz Shaw, while Rowena Cooper (The Sarah Jane Adventures: Lost in Time) plays her mother Emily. “We fell in love with this script,” says David, “a dark, twisted and witty story about a series of letters that predict the deaths of important figures in British society. And it’s one that spreads its tendrils through the whole era of the Third Doctor!”

Peter Purves returns as Steven Taylor in November, battling an enemy from last year’s popular The Rocket Men. “Yes, Return of the Rocket Men sees the return of the jet-pack wearing vagabonds! John Dorney’s original story was hugely popular, and the Rocket Men were such quintessential 1960s villains that a rematch seemed inevitable. This time Matt Fitton is on writing duties, and he’s delivered a surprising, clever script to match John Dorney’s original.”

Louise Jameson plays Leela in December’s The Child by Nigel Fairs; William Russell and Carole Ann Ford perform together in January’s double-disc historical The Flames of Cadiz by Marc Platt, while Anneke Wills and Frazer Hines are back together in February in an as-yet-unnamed story by Steve Lyons.

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