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Happy Birthday Colin Baker!

Happy Birthday Colin Baker!

8 June 2017

In celebration of Colin Baker’s birthday today, we have some special offers on several of his works for Big Finish.

Happy Birthday Colin Baker!

Colin has not only played the Sixth Doctor since the very early days of Big Finish in The Sirens of Time in July 1999, but he has also worked on a number of other Big Finish stories. His earliest appearance was in Birthright, one of the Continued Adventures of Bernice Summerfield with Lisa Bowerman. Colin plays Russian detective Mikhail Vladamir Popov, and is the second part of the Time Ring trilogy. It’s now available for £4 on CD, just for today!

To hear about Colin’s illustrious career, and more about the man himself, you can catch him in converstaion with Nicholas Briggs in This is Colin Baker.

Colin joins Alexander Vlahos in The Confessions of Dorian Grey, in The Mayfair Monster, available for download at £4.

Written by James Goss, Colin starred in two Dark Shadows releases, The Harvest of Souls and The House by the Sea, where he plays Gerald Conway, and the town of Collinsport haunts heavily over him...

He also stars with Louise Jameson in one of Big Finish’s Drama Showcases, Pulling Faces

Joanne Taylor - former TV Diva (played by Louise Jameson) - is on the verge of her fifty-somethingth birthday, seriously single, 'hot-flushing' and about to make some drastic changes in her life. Pulling Faces is an acerbic, topical comedy about society’s obsession with youth, beauty and transformation.

He’s also appeared in The Avengers: The Lost Episodes boxsets, which are both available at £20 on CD or £15 on download. Listen to the trailer from Volume 2:

And Volume 1:

The single stories are all available for £5 on CD or £4 on Download, and The Avengers Boxsets are up for grabs at £20 on CD and £15 on Download. Or all these releases can be purchased as a bundle at £64 (plus £12 postage) on CD (this includes a download copy of The Mayfair Monster), or as Download Birthday Bundle at £48 (note that this doesn’t include Birthright).

As a birthday celebration, they’re only around for 24 hours at these prices, so move fast!

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