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For The Love Of StoriesBig Finish produce fantastic full-cast audio dramas for CD and download.

Released today from Big Finish, The Palluma Project is written by Tim Gambrell (Bernice Summerfield) and is read by Sally Knyvette, who has played smuggler-turned-freedom fighter Jenna Stannis in Blake’s 7 on television and audio since 1978.  

This audio adventure takes the crew of the Liberator to a mysterious outpost in the far-flung reaches of the galaxy, where the Federation seem to be torturing mysterious aliens to find the secret of their powers. 

Blake's 7: The Palluma Project is now available as a digital download for just £9.99, exclusively HERE.  

When the Liberator discovers a mysterious penal outpost in an obscure part of the galaxy, the crew soon find themselves fighting for their lives - not only against the convicted criminals the Federation are using as scientists, but against the horrifying results of their experiments.  

What is the deadly secret of the people of Palluma 25 and why is it so valuable to the Federation? Only Gan holds the key to unlock what is really going on... 

Writer Tim Gambrell said: “The Palluma Project was a joy to write. I played out each scene in my head as I wrote it on the page, in all its 1970s glory. This helped me judge the pacing of the action and ensure the narrative was always driving forward. And now Sally has added another wonderful layer, painting such pictures with my words for the listeners.  

“And as much as I love the Liberator crew, writing for Servalan was by far the most joyous experience. Actors tend to say they love playing villains the most. I have a sneaking suspicion many writers would say they love writing villains the most, too.” 

Blake’s 7: The Palluma Project is now available as a digital download for just £9.99, exclusively HERE.

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