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Lost Stories Catch-Up Price This Weekend!

Lost Stories Catch-Up Price This Weekend!

21 December 2012

This weekend only, we're offering a special CD and download rollback price on the full cast and enhanced audiobook releases comprising Doctor Who: The Lost Stories series three – now £10 cheaper!

One of our hits of the year, the third series of Lost Stories has something for everyone. Encompassing four Doctors, it contains lost adventures featuring the First, Second, Fifth and Sixth Doctors, including an adaptation of the story which was originally scheduled to be the second ever into production: The Masters of Luxor.

The joys on offer include Fifth Doctor stories The Elite (a twisty tale of the Doctor, Tegan and Nyssa's ill-fated trip to the planet Florana), Hexagora (featuring alien abduction and a proposal for the Doctor) and The Children of Seth (a tantalizing story of the search for the true origins of the mysterious Seth). All the stories star Peter Davison (the Fifth Doctor from 1981-1984) alongside companions of the time Tegan (Janet Fielding) and Nyssa (Sarah Sutton).

Then it's on to Sixth Doctor Colin Baker (1984-1986) alongside regular assistant Peri (Nicola Bryant) for a trilogy of tales featuring old friends and foes. The Guardians of Prophecy brings back the Melkur from TV story The Keeper of Traken, while Power Play finds the Doctor confronted by former assistant Victoria Waterfield (the returning Deborah Watling), who isn't pleased to see him. Then, in The First Sontarans, there's a chance to learn the secret history of the warrior race.

Completing the series is the aforementioned legendary The Masters of Luxor, performed by original companions William Russell (Ian) and Carole Ann Ford (Susan), followed by The Rosemariners, a lost Patrick Troughton (the Second Doctor from 1966-1969) story told by Sixties companions Jamie (Frazer Hines) and Zoe (Wendy Padbury).

All of these titles can now be yours for only £80 on CD and £70 on download – but the offer ends after this weekend so act fast!

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