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Special offer – Doctor Who Novel Adaptations

Special offer – Doctor Who Novel Adaptations

15 December 2017

Get a full-cast adaptation of your favourite Doctor Who novel today

Starting from £6.50, you can get novel adaptations featuring Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor, or Sylvester McCoy as the Seventh Doctor.

For some Doctor Who fans there were the dark times. Between 1989 and 1999 – before Big Finish started releasing Doctor Who audios – there were very limited new Doctor Who stories available. One of the outlets keeping the blue box going were the novels by Virgin Publishing. From 1991 until 1999, these stories carried on from where the TV series ended taking the Seventh Doctor further than before with companions Ace and Bernice Summerfield, and also back in time for some Missing Adventures.

Starting in 2012 Big Finish adapted some of these novels into full-cast Big Finish audio releases starting with Love and War, the perfect introduction to Bernice Summerfield.

You can pick up some of the Seventh Doctor novel adaptations on special offer today:

Love and War
The Highest Science
Damaged Goods
Theatre of War
All-Consuming Fire

Sylvester McCoy talks about the Russell T Davies Novel Adaptation, Damaged Goods here:

Included in these special offers are also three adaptations of Missing Adventures starring Tom Baker and Lalla Ward:

The Romance of Crime
The English Way of Death
The Well-Mannered War

You can get each of the novel adaptations at half price. Now only £6.50 on download or £7.50 on CD.

Or you can get some of them in a Limited Edition format which includes exclusive behind the scenes photos at £20 on download or £25 on CD.

Make sure you pick up these specially priced releases before midday (UK time) Monday 18th December, and don’t forget to check out the bundles options for further savings.

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