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We love StoriesBig Finish produce great full-cast audio drama for CD and download, featuring many popular television fantasy series.

The Time War rages through space and time – two powerful enemies in a fight to the death. The Doctor keeps to the fringes of the conflict. But this war takes no prisoners…

Doctor Who – The Eighth Doctor: Time War Volume Three is out now.

3.1 State of Bliss by Matt Fitton

Bliss has lost her home, her family, and her friends – an orphan of the Time War. The Doctor attempts to find out where things went wrong. Across a multiverse of possibilities, Bliss discovers the many paths her life could have taken – but do they always lead to the Time War?

And if Bliss can save her past, will she destroy her future – and the Doctor’s?

3.2 The Famished Lands by Lisa McMullin

Trying to make a difference far from the front lines, the Doctor and Bliss arrive in the Vale of Iptheus, where the Time War is starving populations out of existence.

The inhabitants have taken matters into their own hands – but are now on course for something worse. Bliss discovers exactly how the robot Enablers are helping the people, while the Doctor uncovers a terrifying secret…

3.3 Fugitive in Time by Roland Moore

Returning a favour for Major Tamasan, the Doctor and Bliss accompany her to extract a dangerous fugitive from an isolated medieval world.

Shonnath is the last of her kind and has her reasons to be wary of Time Lords. What’s more, the Daleks are also on her trail – and when the Doctor and friends arrive, the enemy is already closer than they think.

3.4 The War Valeyard by John Dorney

The Valeyard has returned to the universe amid the Time War – and the Time Lords see his potential to end the conflict for good.

When the Doctor discovers that his twisted future self has been conscripted, he sets out with Bliss to find him, braving a planet ravaged by Daleks. But in a world where he can finally be a hero, will the Valeyard want to leave?

Script editor Matt Fitton revealed more about this fantastic new release in last month’s Vortex magazine: “There’s not an arc as such (in this box set). The stories run into one another: they are a consequence of what comes before. There is something of a theme – we touch on the idea of alternate timelines and parallel universes, so within the Time War the idea that barriers between realities are breaking down.” You can read the full article in July’s Vortex magazine.

The Eighth Doctor: Time War Volume Three is available now at £22.99 on CD or £19.99 on download. All CD purchases also unlock a digital download via the Big Finish website or the Big Finish app.

The first two series, The Eighth Doctor: The Time War 1 and The Eighth Doctor: The Time War 2 are both also available at £39.99 on CD or £34.99 on download. The Eighth Doctor: Time War Volume Four will be released in July 2020.

Or why not save money with a bundle and get all four volumes of The Eighth Doctor: Time War at £88 on CD or £80 on download.

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