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Released April 2013

4. Babblesphere

CD US $6.56
Download US $3.99

Web Special Price!

Starring Lalla Ward with Roger Parrott

The violent, volcanic world of Hephastos is home to a colony of composers, painters, authors and poets, all striving to create the greatest work...

Vengeance of the Stones

Released March 2013

3. Vengeance of the Stones

CD US $6.56
Download US $3.99

Web Special Price!

Starring Richard Franklin with Trevor Littledale

Two RAF fighter jets are on a training flight over North East Scotland when one of them is plucked from the air and promptly disappears. UNIT ar...


Released January 2013


CD US $6.56
Download US $5.00

Web Special Price!

Starring Gareth Thomas, Paul Darrow, Michael Keating, Jan Chappell, Sally Knyvette, Jacqueline Pearce, Alistair Lock

An alien fleet stands poised to invade Federation space. The only vessel available to hold it back is the Liberator, commanded by Roj Blake and ...

Hunters of Earth

Released January 2013

1. Hunters of Earth

CD US $6.56
Download US $3.99

Web Special Price!

Starring Carole Ann Ford with Tam Williams

Shoreditch, London, 1963. The Beatles have beaten John Smith and the Common Men to No. 1 and satellites are being launched in outer space. Back ...


Released November 2012

2. Archangel

Book US $6.56
eBook - EPUB US $5.00
eBook - MOBI US $5.00

Web Special Price!

Set between the TV stories Trial and Killer, Archangel finds the rebels trying to move on from the horrific death of crew-member Olag Gan.


The Forgotten

Released May 2012

1. The Forgotten

Book US $6.56
eBook - MOBI US $5.00
eBook - EPUB US $5.00

Web Special Price!

After carrying out a successful attack against a Federation communications station on Xantos Beta, the Liberator is hounded by Travis into an ar...

1963: The Assassination Games

Released November 2013

180. 1963: The Assassination Games

CD US $7.87
Download US $5.00

Web Special Price!

Starring Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred

London. The end of November, 1963. A time of change. The old guard are being swept away by the white heat of technology. Political scandals are ...

Shadow of the Past

Released April 2010

4.09. Shadow of the Past

CD US $11.79
Download US $2.99

Starring Caroline John and Lex Shrapnel

There's a secret locked up in UNIT's Vault 75-73/Whitehall. Dr Elizabeth Shaw is the only one left who knows what that secret is.

Returning ...

The Graphic Novel

Out in November 2016

The Graphic Novel (Coming Soon)

Pre-order Book US $13.10
Pre-order eBook US $4.99

Web Special Price!

A reprinting of the comic strip adventures of Steed and Mrs Peel which appeared in Diana magazine in 1966 and 1967. More details will follow.

To the Death

Released March 2011

4.10. To the Death

CD US $14.41
Download US $8.99

Starring Paul McGann, Sheridan Smith and Niky Wardley with Graeme Garden, Carole Ann Ford and Jake McGann

'He can't be alive...'

After a last, futile fight-back against the Daleks, Lucie, Susan and Alex are heading home to England in the desperat...

The Girl Who Never Was

Released December 2007

103. The Girl Who Never Was

CD US $19.66
Download US $12.99

Starring Paul McGann and India Fisher

'Dot dot dot, dash dash dash, dot dot dot. Someone's listening. Somewhere.'

A ghost ship. A girl with no memory, adrift in time. An old ene...

The Liberator Chronicles Volume 06

Released October 2013

6. The Liberator Chronicles Volume 06

CD US $19.67
Download US $12.00

Web Special Price!

Starring Paul Darrow, Steven Pacey, Sally Knyvette, Gareth Thomas

Three enhanced audiobooks performed by the stars of the classic BBC television series. These stories are set during Series 3.



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