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London's Burning

Released June 2010

13. London's Burning

CD US $13.00
Download US $7.99

Starring David Selby and Louise Jameson

"I’m gonna dance for you, gonna dance your cares away…”

1941: As bombs fall on the city of London, Quentin Collins is reunited with his old...
The Doll House

Released October 2010

14. The Doll House

CD US $13.00
Download US $7.99

Starring Marie Wallace and Terry Crawford

"We'll play the game of make believe..."

Jenny Collins was once a beautiful singer, married into a rich family. Now she lives locked in a t...
The Blind Painter

Released May 2011

15. The Blind Painter

CD US $13.00
Download US $7.99

Starring Roger Davis with Nicola Bryant

“My curse… To be the greatest painter who ever lived! And yet, to never be able to see them for myself!”

The year is 1893, and struggling a...
The Death Mask

Released May 2011

16. The Death Mask

CD US $13.00
Download US $7.99

Starring Jerry Lacy with Lara Parker

“One of you is a murderer! None of you are above suspicion. You all had something to lose.” 

Moments after welcoming his guests to a party...
The Creeping Fog

Released June 2011

17. The Creeping Fog

CD US $13.00
Download US $7.99

Starring David Selby with Matthew Waterhouse

"I heard voices..."
London, 1941. Quentin Collins need not fear the bombing because he is immortal, but there's much else to be scared of....
The Carrion Queen

Released June 2011

18. The Carrion Queen

CD US $13.00
Download US $7.99

Starring Lara Parker and Jerry Lacy

“One selfless deed. Just one. The first of you to commit an utterly selfless act - and your soul is free. The one who fails is mine.”
The Poisoned Soul

Released July 2011

19. The Poisoned Soul

CD US $13.00
Download US $7.99

Starring Nancy Barrett with Roy Thinnes

“When the music begins, I'll give you some spins...”

Evil haunts a school near Collinwood. A strange creature is attacking young girls, and...
The Lost Girl

Released July 2011

20. The Lost Girl

CD US $13.00
Download US $7.99

Starring Kathryn Leigh Scott

"Hope is His cruellest torment."
Josette DuPres Collins gambled her soul, and lost it, in an ill-conceived bid to destroy her rival Angeli...
The Crimson Pearl

Released August 2011

21. The Crimson Pearl

CD US $13.00
Download US $7.99

Starring David Ames, Nancy Barrett, Lara Parker, David Selby and many more!

A special audio drama featuring over thirty characters, written to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Dark Shadows.


“It’s as if Lucifer...

The Voodoo Amulet

Released February 2012

22. The Voodoo Amulet

CD US $13.00
Download US $7.99

Starring Jerry Lacy and Lara Parker

"We're surrounded by the living dead and you're worried about breaking the law?"

Supernatural investigator Tony Peterson is summoned by the...

The House by the Sea

Released March 2012

23. The House by the Sea

CD US $13.00
Download US $7.99

Starring Colin Baker

"Collinsport, it seems quiet. But it's like it's waiting for something to happen. Something bad.”

Gerald Conway has come to Collinsport in ...

Dress Me in Dark Dreams

Released April 2012

24. Dress Me in Dark Dreams

CD US $13.00
Download US $7.99

Starring Terry Crawford and Amber Benson

"Now touch the mirror, and I will take hold of you.”

Collinwood in the 19th century is a lonely place. While her brothers experience the wo...

Dark Shadows - Audiobooks

Collinsport, an isolated fishing village on the Maine coast. At its centre lies the ominous Collinwood mansion, home of the wealthy Collins family. Those who dare to live at Collinwood find themselves the victims of ghosts, witchcraft and the supernatural, as they fight the spectre of vampirism that curses the Collins family name across the centuries.

All new audiobooks on CD and download, based on the classic gothic drama serial. Starring original Dark Shadows cast members including David Selby, Lara Parker, John Karlen, Jerry Lacey and Kathryn Leigh Scott.

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