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Edward Thomas - Selected Poems

Released April 2010

1.01. Edward Thomas - Selected Poems

Download US $11.99

'An original poet of rare quality' – F.R. Leavis

Edward Thomas (1878-1917) was an English poet, biographer and literary critic...

Christina Rossetti - Selected Poems

Released June 2010

1.02. Christina Rossetti - Selected Poems

Download US $11.99

Starring Miriam Margoyles

'A poet not of thought or ideas but of emotions' - Michael Schmidt

Christina Rossetti (1830-94) was an English poet. Sister to...

Andrew Marvell - Selected Poems

Released July 2010

1.03. Andrew Marvell - Selected Poems

Download US $11.99

‘The quality which Marvell had... is something precious and needed and apparently extinct' – T.S. Eliot

Andrew Marvell (1621-7...

Robert Browning - Selected Poems

Released September 2010

1.04. Robert Browning - Selected Poems

Download US $11.99

Starring Martin Jarvis

‘His sense of dramatic situation was unrivalled... Considered from the point of view of a creator of character he ranks next to him who made Ham...

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