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Dark Shadows - Audiobooks - Released Items

And Red All Over

Released October 2015

50. And Red All Over

CD US $13.00
Download US $7.99

Starring Kathryn Leigh Scott, Mitchell Ryan

“We collect on our debts, but when the debt is uncollectable, we cut our losses. You have until sunset.”

Newlywed Maggie Haskell has started...

Tainted Love

Released September 2015

49. Tainted Love

CD US $13.00
Download US $7.99

Starring Kathleen Cody, Stephanie Ellyne, Alec Newman, Simon Kent and Alexandra Donnachie

"I’ve seen this before - once the obsession takes control there’s no going back, there’s no way to save them."

Collinsport is broken after r...

Deliver Us From Evil

Released August 2015

48. Deliver Us From Evil

CD US $13.00
Download US $7.99

Starring Christopher Pennock, Lisa Richards & Stephanie Ellyne

"I need to tell you what happened…”

Cyrus Longworth – the man who has carried the Son of the Dark Lord in his head since the day he was born...

In the Twinkling of an Eye

Released July 2015

47. In the Twinkling of an Eye

CD US $13.00
Download US $7.99

Starring Marie Wallace & Alexandra Donnachie

Nominated for 2016 Scribe Awards Best Audio release

“I keep getting drawn back to Collinsport…”

Fully recovered from her hospital stay a...

The Curse of Shurafa

Released June 2015

46. The Curse of Shurafa

CD US $13.00
Download US $7.99

Starring Andrew Collins

“You drank from me, vampire. Shurafa draws closer because of you.”

Barnabas Collins is a desperate man.

In Cairo’s great cemetery, the C...


Released May 2015

45. Panic

CD US $13.00
Download US $7.99

Starring David Selby

"The further into the antique shop she explored, the darker it seemed to get, until Lela couldn’t see the walls at all..."

Lela Quick is a b...

The Darkest Shadow

Released July 2014

44. The Darkest Shadow

CD US $13.00
Download US $7.99

Starring David Selby and Donna McKechnie

“I am Olivia Corey, the eternal actress.  I’ve lived my whole life in two dimensions.  Perhaps I prefer it that way.”

Olivia Corey has been ...

The Devil Cat

Released May 2014

43. The Devil Cat

CD US $13.00
Download US $7.99

Starring Jerry Lacy and Lara Parker

"Only we could get lost in the English countryside and find ourselves trapped in The Wicker Man!"

While on vacation in England, detective To...

Carriage of the Damned

Released April 2014

42. Carriage of the Damned

CD US $13.00
Download US $7.99

Starring Lisa Richards and Kathleen Cody

“Forgive me, I wasn't myself.”

For Sabrina Jennings, tonight may be the most important night of her life. She has climbed aboard a cross-cou...

The Happier Dead

Released March 2014

41. The Happier Dead

CD US $13.00
Download US $7.99

Starring Stephanie Ellyne, John Chancer, Murray Melvin and Lisa Richards

“Collinsport Hospital is where you come if you want to die.”

But no one is dying at Collinsport Hospital, even those who wish to.

When s...

The Harvest of Souls

Released February 2014

40. The Harvest of Souls

CD US $13.00
Download US $7.99

Starring Kathryn Leigh Scott, Jonathon Marx and Colin Baker

“My name is Maggie Evans, and this is the end of my story.”

Collinsport is over. And, after recent events, Maggie Evans just doesn't care an...

Curtain Call

Released January 2014

39. Curtain Call

CD US $13.00
Download US $7.99

Starring Nancy Barrett and Peter Brooke

“I stepped off the stage and floated towards the heavens…”

Former mind reader Leticia Faye thought her music hall days were behind her - but...

Dark Shadows - Audiobooks

Collinsport, an isolated fishing village on the Maine coast. At its centre lies the ominous Collinwood mansion, home of the wealthy Collins family. Those who dare to live at Collinwood find themselves the victims of ghosts, witchcraft and the supernatural, as they fight the spectre of vampirism that curses the Collins family name across the centuries.

All new audiobooks on CD and download, based on the classic gothic drama serial. Starring original Dark Shadows cast members including David Selby, Lara Parker, John Karlen, Jerry Lacey and Kathryn Leigh Scott.

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