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Doctor Who - Excelis - Released Items

Music From The Excelis Audio Adventures

Released December 2002

7. Music From The Excelis Audio Adventures

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Featuring David Darlington's music score from Excelis Dawns, Excelis Rising, Excelis Decays and The Plague Herds of Excelis.
Doctor Who: Excelis Decays

Released July 2002

3. Doctor Who: Excelis Decays

CD US $13.27

Starring Sylvester McCoy and Anthony Stewart Head

When the Doctor last visited the city of Excelis, its citizens were about to enter an age of enlightenment and reason. But some centuries la...
Doctor Who: Excelis Rising

Released April 2002

2. Doctor Who: Excelis Rising

CD US $13.27
Download US $7.99

Starring Colin Baker and Anthony Stewart Head

A thousand years after his first visit to the planet Artaris, the Sixth Doctor returns. As the city of Excelis spreads her Empire throughout...
Doctor Who: Excelis Dawns

Released February 2002

1. Doctor Who: Excelis Dawns

CD US $19.91
Download US $11.99

Starring Peter Davison and Anthony Stewart Head

That terrible old reprobate and transdimensional adventuress Iris Wildthyme has gone and locked herself up in a nunnery on the savage world of A...

The Plague Herds of Excelis

Released February 2002

3.0. The Plague Herds of Excelis

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Starring Lisa Bowerman and Katy Manning

The once-proud city of Excelis is a crumbling ruin in a state of siege, as barbarians catapult pestilent animal corpses into the city to spr...

Doctor Who - Excelis

In this miniseries, Doctors may come and go but the place remains the same - the city-state of Excelis, straddling a mountain on the world of Artaris. The Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Doctors - ably assisted by his friends Bernice Summerfield and Iris Wildthyme - visit it throughout its history and battle the tyrant who would rule it.

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