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Bernice Summerfield - Single Releases - Released Items

Resurrecting the Past

Released September 2010

11.01. Resurrecting the Past

CD US $6.34

Starring Lisa Bowerman

When a group of Irving Braxiatel’s defensive mechanoids embarks on a kidnapping spree, Braxiatel denies all knowledge – but his former associate...
Escaping the Future

Released October 2010

11.02. Escaping the Future

CD US $6.34

Starring Lisa Bowerman

The galaxy has been torn apart by merciless invaders from the future. A coalition of worlds set up by Braxiatel has been comprehensively defeate...
Year Zero

Released November 2010

11.03. Year Zero

CD US $6.34

Starring Lisa Bowerman

Planet Raster, Year 54: Professor Bernice Summerfield is arrested on suspicion of Archaeology. She immediately admits that she is a Historian: i...

Dead Man's Switch

Released December 2010

11.04. Dead Man's Switch

CD US $6.34

Starring Lisa Bowerman

26 years ago, a team of scientists came to a moon to unearth the secrets of a long-dead civilisation. They were later found to have died in what...

Many Happy Returns

Released November 2012

Many Happy Returns

Download US $10.00

Starring Lisa Bowerman and Many More!


A special feature-length charity adventure celebrating twenty years of ...

Bernice Summerfield - Single Releases

Once a traveller with the Doctor, space-faring archaeologist Bernice Summerfield is now making her own way in the galaxy. There may be powerful enemies ahead but she has some resourceful friends behind her every step of the way.

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