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2.0. Highlander: The Four Horsemen

Highlander: The Four Horsemen

Released April 2011


For centuries, they battled the forces of light, murdering, pillaging and terrorising their way across the globe. Then, through the betrayal of one of their number, the Four Horsemen rode no longer. But before their ultimate end, each was the target of a very personal vendetta striking to the core of the Horsemen's seemingly unbreakable bond. Now the secret history of Kronos, Silas, Caspian and Methos can finally be revealed...

Contains four stories:

2.1 Brothers, by Scott Andrews
An abandoned submarine base. A man who thought he was in control sits bound to a chair, imprisoned by his prey. In a moment he will pay the price for his carelessness.  But before he is allowed to die, his captor wishes to tell him story...
2.2 All the King's Horses, by Scott Andrews
An empty room. Windowless. Locked. Silent. A man who does not know his own name lies dead on the bed. In a moment he will return to life and begin to ask questions. But he may not like the answers he discovers...

2.3 The Pain Eater, by Scott Andrews
A cell in an asylum. Stone Walls. Distant screams. A man who does not belong here is strapped to a trolley. In a moment he will understand the truth of his predicament. But first he must remember the man he used to be - the man he killed...

2.4 The Promise, by James Moran
A hi-tech laboratory in a skyscraper. Sterile. Cold. A man addicted to pain is restrained by one of his victims. In a moment he will face some aversion therapy. But first he will learn never to pick a fight with Death...

Written By: Scott Andrews and James Moran
Directed By: Ken Bentley; LA recording: Darren Gross


Valentine Pelka (Kronos), Richard Ridings (Silas), Marcus Testory (Caspian), Peter Wingfield (Methos), Toby Longworth (Dilijan), Tracy-Ann Oberman (Violetta/Elena), John Banks (Simon/Dorn/Nurse)


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