03. Strontium Dog: Down To Earth

Strontium Dog: Down To Earth

Released June 2002

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Times are tough for the Search/Destroy agents. With criminals in short supply, the bounty hunters compete for the left-overs. Johnny and his partner Wulf Sternhammer are down on their luck, and looking for trouble.
Sick Squid doesn't follow the bounty hunters' code. He looks after number one, even if it means ratting on a friend. When a private citizen posts a huge reward for the capture of Wulf Sternhammer, Squid turns kidnapper.
Johnny must find Squid before the trail goes cold. If he wants to save Wulf, he's going to have to break the law. He must risk his freedom… face his past… go back down to Earth!

Written By: Jonathan Clements
Directed By: John Ainsworth


Simon Pegg (Johnny Alpha); Toby Longworth (Wulf Sternhammer); Jacqueline Pearce (Elizabeth Weisser); Francis Clarke (Val the Bar Girl); Nicholas Briggs (Sick Squid); John Wadmore (Officer Jowett); Mark Donovan (Officer Tomlin); Mark McDonnell (Middenface McNulty); Patricia Merrick (Gronk)