1. The Mervyn Stone Mysteries: The Axeman Cometh

The Mervyn Stone Mysteries: The Axeman Cometh

Released June 2013

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"Dear Mervyn. If you want to prevent a murder, then you must attend the recording at the Sounderama studios on Thursday. Signed: a friend."

Vixens from the Void is back!

After twenty-five years, the popular leather-clad astro-erotic sci-fi television show is returning!

Well, sort of.  Actually, some devoted Vixens fans have got the licence to do some audios on CD featuring the original cast, and they've invited Mervyn Stone to write an episode.

But that's not the only thing he's been invited to do. He's also been invited to solve a murder.

He arrives at the studio, and who should he find recording her autobiography in the very next booth? Only the TV boss who cancelled Vixens from the Void twenty-five years ago.

No prizes for guessing the murder victim...

Written By: Nev Fountain
Directed By: Patric Kearns


John Banks (Mervyn Stone), Nicola Bryant (Vanity Mycroft)