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Bernice Summerfield: Genius Loci

Bernice Summerfield: Genius Loci

Released June 2006


One day she will bring down empires and decide the fate of the universe. One day she will be feared by the creatures of evil and revered wherever people have had just a little bit too much to drink.
But all that is yet to come…
Right now Bernice Summerfield is 21 years old and living hand to mouth and drink to drink. Offered a job beyond her qualifications she is lured out to the backwater planet of Jaiwan where nothing has ever happened - ever.
There she joins a disparate team of archaeologists who have just discovered that the planet of Jaiwan may have been just a tad more interesting than people thought. This could be Benny's big break and her ticket to a proper career in archaeology.
That's if archaeology doesn't kill her first.

Written By: Ben Aaronovitch

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