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The Omega Factor: Spider's Web (Audiobook)

The Omega Factor: Spider's Web (Audiobook)

Released March 2018

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"McLaughlin proves he can craft a tale full of intrigue and horror that pops off the page. It is deeply disturbing and the look at the relationship between Anne and Tom is handled well. This is a great book and a great continuation of ‘The Omega Factor’ range." Blogtor Who  

When a series of mysterious deaths confound the local press, Tom feels compelled to investigate - despite explicit instructions from his superiors at Department 7 to stay well away.  Perhaps his instincts have been clouded by his growing feelings for his colleague, Anne Reynolds, or his dislike for their boss, Roy Martindale, but as events start to spiral out of control, Tom realises he has seriously underestimated the powers that he is dealing with...


Produced by David Richardson

Written By: Iain McLaughlin
Directed By: Neil Gardner


Read by Louise Jameson

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