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Bernice Summerfield: The Story So Far Volume 01

Out in September 2018

Bernice Summerfield - Box Sets

6A. Bernice Summerfield: The Story So Far Volume 01 (Coming Soon)

Pre-order CD US $26.85
Pre-order Digital US $15.00

Web Special Price!

Starring Lisa Bowerman

One of two three-story Bernice Summerfield full-cast sets released to celebrate the archaeologist and Doctor companion's 20th anniversary


Bernice Summerfield: In Time (Novel & eBook)

Out in December 2018

Big Finish Fiction Books

Bernice Summerfield: In Time (Novel & eBook) (Coming Soon)

Pre-order Book US $22.81
Pre-order eBook US $12.99

Bernice Summerfield: In Time is a short-story collection edited by Xanna Eve Chown

From a rocky start at military academy to her sudden imme...

Bernice Summerfield: In Time (Audiobook)

Out in December 2018

Bernice Summerfield - Books

Bernice Summerfield: In Time (Audiobook) (Coming Soon)

Pre-order Digital US $9.99

Starring Lisa Bowerman

(This audiobook reading comes directly from Big Finish's hardback and e-Book release Bernice Summerfield: In Time which is also available)


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