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Dark Shadows Update

Dark Shadows Update

5 December 2012

The cover and trailer for December's Dark Shadows story, A Collinwood Christmas, are now available, but sadly The Haunted Refrain will be delayed until January.

Dark Shadows (1966-1971) was a US TV series which told the story of the cursed  Collins family. It was recently remade as a film starring Johnny Depp.

A Collinwood Christmas is set in the Collins family home and tells the story of what happens when the grieving and miserly Jamison Collins has to join forces with wild gypsy Ivanka Romano against vengeful spirits from the past. The story is written by acclaimed actress and playwright Lizzie Hopley, who also reprises her role as Ivanka. It co-stars Jamison Selby, son of original series actor David Selby.

'We took some initial inspiration from A Christmas Carol,' says Lizzie Hopley, 'and then let Ivanka and Jamison have their fun with some glorious ghosts from the past, present and future. Where better than Collinwood to out-do Dickens ghost-wise?!'

Unfortunately, we have to announce that The Haunted Refrain will now be delayed until January. 'Sound designer and musician Nigel Fairs is working all the hours he can,' says producer Joseph Lidster, 'but due to the complicated nature of the story and a few other problems, the story is taking longer to complete than we first anticipated. We're sorry for the delay and hope that listeners will enjoy the completed play when it's released.'

As revealed in October's Dark Shadows podcast, A Collinwood Christmas will be the last release co-produced by James Goss. "It's been fun but I'm leaving Collinwood in a safe hand. The severed hand of Count Petofi. Or David Darlington as he's otherwise known.'

'I've been working on the audio side of Dark Shadows on and off for a good many years already,' says Darlington. 'Getting more involved in the nuts and bolts of the series' production will be an exciting challenge. And we're already planning a subtle change of style and approach for the next run of stories...'

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