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Missing Doctor Who on Saturdays? There'll Always Be Big Finish...

Missing Doctor Who on Saturdays? There'll Always Be Big Finish...

15 November 2014

Saturdays aren't quite the same without Doctor Who, are they? A week ago people watched an epic struggle between the Doctor and his arch enemy... This week you can experience another - and see a little of what Big Finish has in store!

Even though Doctor Who has gone from our Saturday screens, there's no reason not to still curl up in a darkening autumn evening with thrilling Doctor Who adventures from Big Finish! For those of you out there suffering withdrawal symptoms, we thought we'd put a special offer out there, and offer an exclusive listen to our next Big Finish Main Range Story...

UNIT: Dominion is available this weekend at the special offer price of £20 for Download or CD (plus relevant postage) - with Alex Macqueen's Master going great guns (or tissue compression eliminators) in Doctor Who: Dark Eyes 3, here's where it all started with the genial, polite... and very lethal Time Lord.

And then, to the future! Next month the Sixth Doctor and Peri confront an old villain in a new form in Doctor Who: The Rani Elite - and again we're making the first episode available from today as a download! Visit Doctor Who: The Rani Elite - Part 1 for a trailer, story details, and this part 1 download.

And all this is in the midst of a jammed pack month of new releases. Prepare for the Rani's arrival with the first two parts of the new Sixth Doctor trilogy - Doctor Who: The Widow's Assassin and Doctor Who: Masters of Earth! Or enjoy the First Doctor's latest Early Adventure with the hot of the presses Doctor Who: The Bounty of Ceres! Plenty of exciting ways to fill the Who-shaped hole in your Saturday night schedule!

To see what's coming up from Big Finish in coming weeks, months and even years, check out our regularly-updated What's New page. Big Finish - We Love Stories!

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