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Series 7 of Fourth Doctor Adventures!

Series 7 of Fourth Doctor Adventures!

20 June 2017

Doctor Who - The Fourth Adventures Series 7 is complete!

With recording done on The Bad Penny, Big Finish can confirm that that’s a wrap on Series Seven of this exciting series of Doctor Who! Tom Baker and Louise Jameson star as The Fourth Doctor and Leela in a new exciting set of adventures, coming out in January 2018.

The Bad Penny, written by Dan Starkey, is the final story in this series to be recorded, and as well as Tom Baker and Louise Jameson, stars Dan Starkey and Keith Barron (from TV Doctor Who story, Enlightenment).

Dan told us what it was like in the studio, “I had a few nerves presenting my first solo-written story for recording, but I needn't have: Tom had read the script thoroughly and added so many marvellous little "grace notes" to the words on the page that I was giggling like an idiot - even more than usual - that I'd written something that sounded just like a Doctor Who story from 1977! Add to that a fantastic supporting cast and sound design on top and I'll be very excited to hear the results. A delightful day, and once again my inner child is doing cartwheels of joy!”

Louise Jameson gave us a scoop of what’s to come. “This has been a particularly inspiring set of stories for me, I have felt really challenged as an actor - Leela has been taken to new and very interesting emotional levels. I have worked with some of the classic monsters (Robots of Death and Suketh, the Egyptian God) and adored working with some brilliant classical actors, Keith Barron, Cathy Tyson, Josette Simon, and, of course, an inimitable Tom Baker."

This series can be pre-ordered from the Big Finish website as a subscription. Currently series 7 is available at £45 on CD or £40 as a download. And you can pre-order the following series, which will star Jane Slavin as a new companion for Tom Baker’s Doctor, Ann Kelso!

And if you haven’t caught the trailer for August’s release of the Fourth Doctor Adventures, The Skin of the Sleek, listen below:

This is a two-parter adventure, which continues in The Thief Who Stole Time, out shortly after.

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