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The Revisionists

The Revisionists

31 January 2019

The first Short Trip of the year is being released today. The Revisionists is a Fourth Doctor story which features Leela meeting the Brigadier for the first time – and we can’t wait to hear what happens in this clash of (very different) minds!

Doctor Who – The Revisionists is out now.

Guests at the Hôtel des Rois are being haunted by ancestors that never existed. The Brigadier was only in Geneva to finalise his retirement, but how could he resist? Investigating, the Brigadier quickly finds something unusual. A warrior in leathers. A warrior called Leela…

History is about to catch up with both of them. History that neither of them thinks is real.

Writer, Andy Frankham-Allen, told us more in December 2018’s edition of Vortex: “The brief was, quite simply, write a short story featuring the Brigadier. I suggested having him with the Fourth Doctor, and Alfie Shaw suggested Leela. And it just blossomed from there – dealing with his retirement was an obvious choice as it’s a part of his life in Doctor Who that’s never really been touched upon in any meaningful way.

“Originally I wrote Leela’s sections in the first person, knowing Louise Jameson would be narrating, but Alfie rightly suggested jumping from first to third person would confuse things with only one voice actor involved. I have spoken to Louise a few times in the past, and was aware of the kind of things she liked to explore with Leela, so I deliberately picked an aspect of Leela that would greatly appeal to her. And it was, of course, a foregone conclusion that the story would explore the differences between the Doctor’s two warrior friends.”

Producer and script editor, Alfie Shaw added: “It’s always exciting to bring together fan favourites and quite frankly this is a meeting that is long overdue.”

The Revisionists is available now for £2.99 on download (only) from Big Finish. Or you can save money with a bundle of the Short Trips range and get the 12 stories from series 9 for just £30 a year.

Coming next in the Short Trips range is the very exciting first ever Twelfth Doctor story for Big Finish. Written by Lizbeth Myles in her debut for Big Finish, The Astrea Conspiracy is a story featuring Aphra Behn, one of the first English women to earn a living from writing.

Read by Neve McIntosh (who plays Madame Vastra in The Paternoster Gang), The Astrea Conspiracy will be released in February.

Doctor Who : The Astrea Conspiracy

The conspirators sit in Antwerp, plotting to kill King Charles the Second. Aphra Behn’s mission is simple, get former lover William Scot to turn against his treasonous comrades. But her money is running out and the complications don’t stop there. A strange Scottish man arrives at her inn with troubling news.

William Scot is out and the Doctor is in.

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