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We love StoriesBig Finish produce great full-cast audio drama for CD and download, featuring many popular television fantasy series.

1 January 1970

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  • June 2011 Releases
    4 June 2011

    June 2011 Releases

    It's a good month for early releases in the Lost Stories, Companion Chronicles, Jago & Litefoot and Drama Showcase ranges!Read More
  • Jago & Litefoot Special Offers
    15 June 2012

    Jago & Litefoot Special Offers

    It's a celebration of Henry Gordon Jago and Professor George Litefoot, as series one of Jago and Litefoot will be available for just £20 on CD and download. Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles - The Mahogany Murderers, which began the pair's adventures on audio, will also be available for £5. The offer will begin at 18:00 BST on June 15 and end at 08:00 BST on June 18.Read More
  • Jago and Litefoot Pre-Orders
    4 July 2012

    Jago and Litefoot Pre-Orders

    Work is continuing apace on the upcoming series of Jago and Litefoot, our acclaimed Doctor Who spin-off that stars Christopher Benjamin and Trevor Baxter.Read More
  • Jago and Litefoot Special Offers This Weekend
    16 November 2012

    Jago and Litefoot Special Offers This Weekend

    Welcome to the Victorian wonderland of Jago & Litefoot! The self-styled investigators of infernal incidents have been seeing off the threats of dark forces for four series now, but this weekend you can hear how it all began for a specially reduced price on The Mahogany Murderers and the first two series box sets!Read More
  • Jago & Litefoot Series Five Released!
    6 March 2013

    Jago & Litefoot Series Five Released!

    Out now is the brand new series five box set of Jago & Litefoot, the Doctor Who spin-off that finds a theatrical impresario and a doctor joining forces to combat all manner of monsters in... the 1960s?Read More
  • Jago & Litefoot in Conversation - and an Eighth Series!
    14 March 2013

    Jago & Litefoot in Conversation - and an Eighth Series!

    Splendid news for fans of Jago & Litefoot, and their alter egos, Christopher Benjamin and Trevor Baxter. The pair are in studio this very moment recording a brand new CD release to feature them in conversation, titled simply Benjamin & Baxter.Read More
  • Bright Future for Jago & Litefoot
    19 April 2013

    Bright Future for Jago & Litefoot

    Jago and Litefoot are back in their own time and now working by Royal Appointment in the Series Six of the popular audio drama, which is released in November.Read More
  • May Day Thank You
    7 May 2013

    May Day Thank You

    A massive, massive thank you to everyone who took part in our May Day special offer last week. We really appreciate all customers, new and old, who dropped by and supported us, and shared the details of the offer with friends, family and any strangers they happened to chance upon. And, indeed, a huge thank you to our Sales team for tackling the increased demand in orders.Read More
  • Introducing The Listeners
    7 June 2013

    Introducing The Listeners

    Experience the magic of Big Finish audios in a whole new way! This month we're introducing The Listeners, an opportunity to get to know a particular audio inside out and discuss it with fellow fans. Yes, it's an audiobook club! Eat your hearts out, Richard & Judy. This month: Doctor Who: The Sirens of Time.Read More
  • Benny Swaps with Jago & Litefoot
    2 July 2013

    Benny Swaps with Jago & Litefoot

    The sixth series of Jago & Litefoot has been moved forward in the schedule to September, where it will swap places with Bernice Summerfield box set Missing Persons. This will now be out in November due to post-production on the stories taking longer than anticipated.Read More
  • The Listeners: Dalek Empire 1.1
    5 July 2013

    The Listeners: Dalek Empire 1.1

    It's the second month of The Listeners, an opportunity to discover (or revisit) a classic audio and discuss it with fellow fans as part of our audiobook club. This month it's the start of Dalek Empire: Invasion of the Daleks.Read More
  • Survivors Launched
    9 July 2013

    Survivors Launched

    Big Finish has signed a licence with the estate of the acclaimed writer Terry Nation to make the 1970s post-apocalyptic drama Survivors on audio. The series ran for three seasons between 1975-77 and told the story of a small group of people who survive a plague that wipes out most of the world's population.Read More
  • Watch BF Artist Alex Mallinson's New Short!
    23 July 2013

    Watch BF Artist Alex Mallinson's New Short!

    Big Finish fans will doubtless recognise the name Alex Mallinson. Our expert pixel monkey with countless covers and layouts to his name, not to mention his Bernice Summerfield: Dead and Buried animation, has produced an animated short all his own - and he'd like the help of fellow Tweeters as he's entered it in the Virgin Media Shorts competition.Read More
  • Benjamin & Baxter Released
    22 August 2013

    Benjamin & Baxter Released

    Out now from Big Finish is Benjamin & Baxter, a chance to get to know the people behind the mighty infernal investigators Jago & Litefoot!Read More
  • Jago & Litefoot Series Six Released!
    18 September 2013

    Jago & Litefoot Series Six Released!

    Now out is the sixth series of adventures for those Victorian villain-hunters Jago & Litefoot! As first seen on TV in Doctor Who's The Talons of Weng-Chiang alongside the Fourth Doctor, they now do battle with everything strange and unexplained...Read More
  • Jago & Litefoot: What's Coming Next?
    1 October 2013

    Jago & Litefoot: What's Coming Next?

    Last month saw the release of the sixth series of Jago & Litefoot's adventures, with the duo returned to their traditional Victorian haunt. Now we bring you word on the seventh series, due in April 2014!Read More
  • Jago & Litefoot Renewed Until Series Ten!
    10 January 2014

    Jago & Litefoot Renewed Until Series Ten!

    If you're a fan of Jago & Litefoot (and who isn't?), we bring excellent news! There will be two more series of adventures for the Investigators of Infernal Incidents in 2015, and you can pre-order them now!Read More

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