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Blake's 7 Books - First Look at the Next Cover and New Authors Announced...

Blake's 7 Books - First Look at the Next Cover and New Authors Announced...

15 December 2014

Big Finish are proud to reveal the cover for Lucifer: Genesis by Paul Darrow - available from May 2015...

All three covers in the Lucifer trilogy have been designed by the talented Anthony Lamb. Anthony says: "I enjoyed many things about working on these covers, but being able to feature an older Paul Darrow is particularly satisfying. There's something great about being able to show a character from the TV series as he would look years after the final screened episode."

Lucifer: Genesis is the final title in the trilogy, which follows the adventures of Avon beyond the TV series. This book completes Darrow's thrilling re-imagining of the world of Blake's 7, and encompasses key moments from throughout Avon's life – from his time as a young man in China, to his later life on-board the Liberator and Scorpio, and as an old man, taking on the might of the cruel Quartet.

Coming soon in November 2015 - Blake's 7 - Mediasphere by Kate Orman and Jonathan Blum

Jonathan Blum and Kate Orman are best known for their co-written Doctor Who novels, including Fallen Gods, which won the 2003 Aurealis Award for best Australian science fiction novel. They live in Sydney and are both very excited to be writing for Blake's 7.

"If you could tell twelve-year-old me, who'd just discovered Blake's 7, that one day I'd be writing for it - he'd be over the moon!" says Jon. "All that witty and cynical Chris Boucher dialogue was a huge influence on my own writing, and it's a delight to get to pay tribute to the original. Already the characters are writing themselves!"

In the novel, The Liberator crew infiltrate the Mediasphere, a space station which produces the Federation's propaganda and popular entertainment. But who is really controlling the Mediasphere - and scripting a series of deadly encounters for our heroes?

Kate says: "As a particularly sassy science fiction show, Blake's 7 is an ideal setting in which to satirise the smoke and mirrors generated by the media, from glamour to "newstainment". The technology has changed a lot since the seventies, but the illusions are still the same."

Blake's 7 - Lucifer: Genesis and Blake's 7 - Mediasphere are both available to pre-order now. 

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