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Buy Mary's Story for a limited period for just 99p!

Buy Mary's Story for a limited period for just 99p!

17 October 2011

Whether you're yet to partake of the joy that is The Silver Turk or you've already been loving every minute of the Eighth Doctor's latest encounter with the Cybermen, you may be one of those people wondering where his latest companion came from.

Esteemed author Mary Shelley has been mentioned before by the Eighth Doctor, but it wasn't until The Company of Friends that we heard her firsthand. Well, first-ear. The Company of Friends was an anthology release consisting of four stories, each starring a different companion with the Eighth Doctor. There was Benny, Fitz, Izzy... and Mary Shelley.

If you missed out on Mary (and Julie Cox's) cunningly named Mary's Story, in which the Doctor visits the Villa Diodati and has a monstrous time, you can now pick it up for only 99p.

Download the entirety of the one-part story - but for a limited time only!

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