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Classic Doctors - Classic Doctor Who!

Classic Doctors - Classic Doctor Who!

23 August 2016

Our inboxes and social-media threads have been overflowing with your praise for our recent release combining new and classic elements of Doctor Who...

Doctor Who - Classic Doctors, New Monsters - Volume 1 was released on 28th July, and from the off we've been delighted that listeners and critics alike have have had as much pleasure listening to it as much as we did bringing it together:

"To put it simply; Big Finish has done it again! Another amazing boxset and once again putting something new into the Whoniverse," Indie Mac User.

"It's a classic, it features Doctors and New Monsters AND it enhances the characteristics of these monsters adding new layers to the mythos of the creatures whilst remaining completely rooted in each Doctor’s era. A Blinking, Stomping, Rocking, 'HAH' 10/10," Planet Mondas.

"As (Colin) Baker quite rightly says, there’s no classic Doctor Who and new Doctor Who, just Doctor Who. This set proves that. 9/10," Blogtor Who.

"Big Finish accomplished everything they set out to do. I can’t wait to see what they have in store with Volume 2," SciFi Pulse.

"Overall, this is a set of four very different but equally enjoyable stories with too many highlights to mention individually. Based on the form of this collection and most of Big Finish’s other new series titles, the second volume also promises to be something special," Doctor Who News.

"...These four great listens form one of the very best boxsets Big Finish has released this year and a real must-buy for fans," Starburst.

"The overall sense of this set is a set of very well constructed adventures Big Finish has taken a lot of care over," Cultbox.

If you've not got the set yet, then the action-packed trailer can be heard below:

Doctor Who - Classic Doctors, New Monsters - Volume 1 remains at the special pre-order price of £20 on Download or CD (unlocking a download on purchase for instant listening) until the end of September when it goes on general release, priced at £30 and £35 respectively. River Song, Churchill, New Monsters bundles, collecting together three box sets in one special value purchase, can be bought today.

Do let us know what you thought of the set, or what your guesses are for Doctor Who - Classic Doctors, New Monsters Volume 2, which is available for pre-orders now. You can email our weekly Nicholas Briggs-hosted podcast at, or Tweet us at @bigfinish, or post on our Facebook page.

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