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Dark Shadows: The Haunted Refrain Update

Dark Shadows: The Haunted Refrain Update

13 November 2012

The spooky cover and trailer for the next Dark Shadows story, The Haunted Refrain, are now available.

Dark Shadows (1966 - 1971) was a US TV series which told the story of the cursed  Collins family. It was recently remade as a film starring Johnny Depp.

The Haunted Refrain tells the story of happily-married couple Grant and Barbara, who move into a new house - only to discover that there are more than cobwebs in the attic. The story, written by Aaron Lamont, stars original series actor David Selby as Quentin Collins. Jonathon Marx and Karen Jean Olds play Grant and Barbara.

Sadly, for a number of reasons, the release is now likely to be delayed until early December.

'We're very sorry that this has happened,' says co-producer Joseph Lidster. 'Sound designer and composer Nigel Fairs is putting the finishing touches to his beautiful score so we're hoping to have it available in early December. This won't affect December's release, A Collinwood Christmas, which should still be out in time for Christmas.'

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