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Discover The Worlds of Big Finish - Day 5 - Vienna

Discover The Worlds of Big Finish - Day 5 - Vienna

22 June 2017

Why not explore all the worlds of Big Finish?

Our week of special offers on characters from The Worlds of Big Finish continues.

If you fancy a more dangerous path, today you can join Vienna Salvatore, the most glamorous and dangerous bounty hunter in the galaxy, played by Chase Masterson. From encountering the Seventh Doctor in The Shadow Heart, she’s taken on the most vile villains and toughest scrapes in the universe, all the time staying impossibly glamourous.

From today until 23:59 (UK time) on 24th June, you can discover all the Vienna adventures with 50% off using code BOUNTY17 at checkout. This offer code includes all Vienna current releases and bundles, and also includes The Shadow Heart starring Sylvester McCoy.

If you can’t decide on a favourite, or if you’re new to all the characters from The Worlds of Big Finish, why not try them all?

From the streets of Edwardian London to the corridors of a near-infinite library in the distant future, a single book holds the key to the fate of life on Earth. Some believe it predicts our future – and the apocalypse - with unnerving accuracy. Others will stop at nothing to destroy it, and will chase it from one side of the universe to the other; from a country house in the Roaring Twenties to the casinos of Mars, and from 221B Baker Street to the terrifying desert world of Sisyphus IX…

Starring a whole host of Big Finish characters, why not try them all? This release, written by David Llewellyn and directed by Scott Handcock, is available all this week for £15 on CD or £12 on download. This price offer will end on the 26th June, so make sure you take advantage, and welcome yourself to the Big Finish family.

Come back tomorrow to discover our next offer from the Worlds of Big Finish!

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