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Doctor Who - The Star Men

Doctor Who - The Star Men

10 January 2017

From today, The Fifth Doctor returns for three new monthly stories, alongside Tegan, Nyssa - and Adric!

Doctor Who - The Star Men is our first main range Doctor Who release of the year, scripted by Andrew Smith, directed by Barnaby Edwards and starring Peter Davison, Janet Fielding, Sarah Sutton and Matthew Waterhouse, alongside guest stars including Sue Holderness (Only Fools and Horses) and Sophie Wu (The Fades, Fresh Meat):

Astronomical navigation is a tricky business. To help Adric with his studies, the Doctor sets course for Gallius Ultima – a planet on the edge of the Milky Way, housing one of the most impressive observatories ever constructed.

But the TARDIS arrives to find Gallius U in a state of emergency, tracking the return of the Explorer-class ship Johannes Kepler from its mission into the heart of the mysterious Large Magellanic Cloud. A mission that met with disaster…

To find out what overtook the crew of the Johannes Kepler, the Doctor and his companions must journey into the heart of the Cloud… and beyond, into the darkness of another reality altogether. The universe of the Star Men.

Doctor Who - The Star Men is out today on Download and CD for £12.99 and £14.99 respectively, with CD purchases unlocking digital access for instant listening.

You can subscribe to the main Doctor Who range in either six- or 12-story blocks, and not only save money on the individual stories, but also get PDF script downloads, extended extras not on the normal release version, and up to four exclusive Doctor Who - Subscriber Short Trips a year. Prices begin at just £54 for six pre-ordered download titles. 

The next story is February's Doctor Who - The Contingency Club featuring Philip Jackson (Inspector Japp in TV's Poirot) and Clive Merrison (Doctor Who - Tomb of the Cybermen and Paradise Towers). Clive recently talked about his career - including his Doctor Who roles - for Toby Hadoke's free Who's Round podcast. And in March, it's Doctor Who - Zaltys: with the new trailer debuting today:

Meanwhile, those enjoying the return of Matthew Waterhouse to the role of Adric should check out our acclaimed and award-winning Doctor Who - The Fifth Doctor Boxed Set:

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