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Doctor Who: Lords of the Red Planet Released

Doctor Who: Lords of the Red Planet Released

15 November 2013

And the last of today's fiftieth anniversary releases is Doctor Who: Lords of the Red Planet! Our penultimate Lost Stories release finds the Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe discovering some new facts about an old enemy: the Ice Warriors...

Frazer Hines once again fantastically recreates the performance of Second Doctor Patrick Troughton (seen on TV from 1966-1969), on top of giving his all as Jamie McCrimmon alongside the equally splendid Wendy Padbury, returning once more to the role of Zoe.

Based on a story by Brian Hayles, the creator of the Ice Warriors, Doctor Who: Lords of the Red Planet also features Michael Troughton (son of Patrick), Abigail Thaw (daughter of John), Charlie Hayes (daughter of Wendy Padbury) and Nicholas Briggs (guiding parent of Big Finish), who is once again hissing for all he's worth as the Ice Warriors.

The TARDIS crew land on Mars, home of the Ice Warriors, far back in its history. The Doctor is convinced it's much too early for them to meet their frozen foes.. but the Doctor is wrong.

Far below the surface of the planet an evil scheme is in motion. A scientist works night and day at the command of an insane despot. A despot intent on creating a terrifyingly familiar army. 

What exactly does Zaadur plan? What dark secret lies at the heart of the Gandoran mines? How far will the Doctor go to save his friends? In the deepest caves, the true Lords of the Red Planet are ready to emerge... Can anyone possibly survive their birth?

Doctor Who: Lords of the Red Planet is available for download now, and CD copies are on their way.

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