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Doctor Who: Mel-evolent – out now

Doctor Who: Mel-evolent – out now

28 February 2018

Something fantastical is happening in the TARDIS and Melanie Bush will have to play the role of a lifetime… Narrated by Bonnie Langford, who played Mel in the TV series, you can get this Sixth Doctor Short Trips adventure on download for £2.99, only from Big Finish.

Written by Simon A Forward (who also wrote Big Finish Doctor Who Main Range releases Dreamtime and The Sandman), directed by Helen Goldwyn and produced by Ian Atkins, you can pick up Mel-evolent today.

“Mirror mirror on the wall, something stalks the TARDIS halls…”

A glimpsed reflection in a dark and dusty corner leads Mel on a journey Through The Looking Glass.
Witchcraft and shadows reign.
Mel must face the evil at the heart of it all, while the Doctor battles to save a TARDIS determined to prove it’s not only bigger on the
inside, but darker. Much darker.

Producer Ian Atkins tells us more about bringing Bonnie Langford along for a ride in the TARDIS for a Short Trip: “I've been keen with the Short Trips to really put the readers front and centre when we can, playing to their strengths, and Simon’s pitch of Mel meeting a figure based on herself appealed to me immediately and I wanted to hear Bonnie let loose on it as soon as possible! It's an unashamed fairy tale which sound designer Ian Potter and director Helen Goldwyn respected while keeping it unmistakably Doctor Who, and Simon finds a lovely balance between word play and acted comedy giving Bonnie lots to do.

“There are some of my favourite Short Trips moments in this one, and the shrill cry of, ‘My Queen!!!’ deserves to be on ring-tones, it really does! I also have to say a huge thanks to Bonnie for making this happen as my first approach to her was when she couldn't be busier, but she pinged regular emails to me when EastEnders holidays came up, and eventually we were able to make it all work on a rare day off for her."

Make sure you don’t miss this new adventure for £2.99 on download (only) from Big Finish. Or you can save money with a subscription to the Short Trips range and get 12 stories for £30 a year.

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