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Doctor Who: Vampire of the Mind

Doctor Who: Vampire of the Mind

9 May 2016

The Two Masters Trilogy continues! The battle reaches a familiar location in this new release starring Colin Baker and Alex Macqueen!

The Doctor Who Main Range brings you a new full-cast adventure every month, starring one of the original actors to play the Doctor on television! Featuring fantastic new creations or the best-loved monsters from the past of the series, these stories are perfect for Doctor Who fans young and old.

Our 212th Main Range release continues this summer's biggest blockbuster event! Colin Baker's Sixth Doctor and Alex Macqueen's Master face off in Doctor Who: Vampire of the Mind, the second instalment of the Two Masters trilogy (which began last month with Doctor Who: And You Will Obey Me). Listen to the trailer below:

Somewhere off the South Coast of England, there’s a lonely island. On that island stands a solitary castle, long since abandoned – haunted, they say. But the truth is, that castle houses something far worse than mere ghosts.

The castle is what lies at the end of a trail followed by the Doctor in search of several missing scientists – all of them connected to the top secret Dominus Institute and its elusive CEO, Sir Andrew Gobernar…

But the Doctor will soon discover that he’s the one being haunted, by a ghost from his past… or perhaps, his future.

Written by Justin Richards and starring Colin Baker, Alex Macqueen, John Standing, Kate Kennedy, Neil Edmond, Catriona Knox and Elliot Levey, Doctor Who: Vampire of the Mind is available to buy on CD and download now.

You can subscribe to the Doctor Who Main Range today in either six or twelve month periods with both CD and download options available. CD orders also contain a complimentary digital download; allowing you to enjoy our new stories as soon as they're released on the Big Finish website!

Next month: Time Lords join forces at the end of everything! New friends, old enemies, interstellar wars and an ancient conspiracy that will change history as we know it! Sylvester McCoy, Geoffrey Beevers and Alex Macqueen star in Doctor Who: The Two Masters. Listen to the trailer below:

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