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First Cover for Doctor Who: Early Adventures Range

First Cover for Doctor Who: Early Adventures Range

25 April 2014

We're delighted to show off the first cover for the brand new Doctor Who: The Early Adventures range, starting in September. Check out Domain of the Voord.

Doctor Who - The Early Adventures: Domain of the Voord is the first release in a new line which will be taking a more full-cast approach to adventures featuring the First and Second Doctors. This opening instalment sees the return of William Russell as Ian Chesterton alongside Carole Ann Ford as Susan, as the pair find themselves once more in the clutches of the creatures they last met in TV tale The Keys of Marinus.

Also featuring Daisy Ashford, Andrew Dickens and Andrew Bone, Domain of the Voord is a two-disc adventure and available for pre-order now on CD and download. You can also get it as part of a subscription.

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