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Flight into Hull! with Camille Coduri

Flight into Hull! with Camille Coduri

2 August 2018

The indomitable Jackie Tyler is back, in her second Doctor Who Short Trip. This time, we go on a Zeppelin ride to one of the most glamourous locations of a parallel Earth – Hull! Get this adventure starring Camille Coduri today available only at Big Finish.

Doctor Who – Flight into Hull! is out now.

Jackie Tyler's lost a close friend, and this new Doctor is only a half-hearted replacement for him.

But as she tries to put the events of Big Ben behind her and take a well-earned break, others have spotted an opportunity. A well-intentioned, far-reaching plan is underway.

But Jackie Tyler isn't the woman she was...

Flight Into Hull! continues Jackie’s exploits in the mirror universe with the Meta-Crisis Doctor, created after the events of Journey’s End and following on from The Siege of Big Ben.

Producer Ian Atkins explains: “The second story Flight into Hull! takes place some time after The Siege of Big Ben when Jackie and the Doctor seek to resolve some unfinished business between them – but a luxury Zeppelin ride isn’t going to be as smooth as it should be...

“As with writer Joseph Lidster’s last Short TripsA Full Life, it balances character and action beautifully, and although this is very much Camille’s show, the take on this broken ‘born in battle’ Doctor couldn’t be more perceptive.

“The Short Trips range always offers a nice chance to nip about and look at eras and people it’s harder to visit in other ranges. As soon as I’d heard Camille was happy to return to the role with Big Finish, I started talking to Joe about whether we could visit Pete’s world and see how things are going after Journey’s End. We got permission from Russell T Davies, and then Joe’s imagination took flight – as indeed do the Doctor and Jackie at one point – and came up with two exciting, funny and sad tales which Camille just knocked out of the park.”

You can get this new adventure for £2.99 on download (only) out now from Big Finish.

Or you can save money with a subscription to the Short Trips range and get 12 stories for £30 a year.

Coming next in the Short Trips range is a new adventure from the time of the First Doctor by Dark Shadows writer Paul Phipps. A Small Semblance of Home stars Carole Ann Ford.

Doctor Who: A Small Semblance of Home

It’s become his obsession. Through the hottest of deserts and the coldest of snows, the TARDIS crew have searched for the one remaining piece of the Doctor’s most important experiment. But now Barbara’s exhausted. Why hasn’t the Doctor learned his lesson? What’s so important that his scientific curiosity outweighs the safety of the crew once again? And will his latest arrogant trespass be the last he ever makes?

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