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I am the Master – a new Short Trip

I am the Master – a new Short Trip

6 December 2017

A masterful Short Trip is coming out next year, with a tale written and performed by the Master himself...

We’ve a Doctor Who tale with a very different perspective as the Master comes to the Short Trips range next year in I am the Master.

Written and performed by the man who knows the wicked Time Lord best, actor Geoffrey Beevers gives us the inner thoughts of the Master – the Doctor's most evil adversary, as well as being his oldest friend.

Producer Ian Atkins tells us about bringing the Master to the Short Trips range: “It’s been a goal for a while to have a reader performing their own script as one of the Short Trips – I thought it would be really interesting to see how someone gets under a character's skin in a different way (if, in this case, the character still has any skin!).

“When I was in the Green Room at recordings, I started chatting to actors who I knew had writing as a further string to their bow. Geoffrey's work came to my attention through his novels, a podcast he did for Toby Hadoke's Who's Round, and also from writing Unintelligent Design for Big Finish's Drama Showcase, and I know he is very observant about how his Master's been written in the past. It seemed quite a natural fit. And, of course, you then get a Short Trip being read by that voice.

“It's one of the greats, and Geoffrey's first-person writing for the Master uses it at its absolute peak. He brings out the Master's sense of humour wonderfully, albeit it's a sense of humour you wouldn't want anywhere near you..."

And the Master himself, Geoffrey Beevers, tells us more about telling his side of the story: “It’s wonderful to combine writing with acting (I’ve recently read two of my own novels on audio for fantompublishing), and to be asked to write a story for Big Finish where I could play the Master was a particular pleasure.

“I decided to set the story in the first person and that at least some of the story should be set in a sound studio itself, perhaps recording from some distant planet. (People are often a little worried about losing their voices when recording, so I thought I could use that idea too...). I hope the story will draw you in!”

I am the Master will be available in October 2018. You can preorder this Short Trip, available on download (only) at £2.99 from Big Finish. Or you can save money with a subscription to the Short Trips range and get 12 stories for £30 a year.

Also coming out next year from Short Trips we catch up with the MetaCrisis Doctor and Jackie Tyler in The Siege of Big Ben and Flight into Hull!, both starring Camille Coduri as Jackie. You can listen to the trailer for The Siege of Big Ben below:

And coming out in June 2018, Seán Carlsen plays Time Lord Narvin in the Short Trip, Erasure. Set during the time that the Fourth Doctor was travelling with Adric, CIA Coordinator Narvin regales us with a tale from the depths of Gallifrey’s history.

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