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New Doctor Who Short Trip

New Doctor Who Short Trip

27 September 2018

We return to the era of the First Doctor in the latest Short Trips release by Dark Shadows writer Paul Phipps. Susan reminisces about Earth and Barbara dreams of home, but the Doctor has other plans…

Doctor Who – A Small Semblance of Home is out now, narrated by Carole Ann Ford who played the Doctor’s granddaughter, Susan.

It’s become his obsession. Through the hottest of deserts and the coldest of snows, the TARDIS crew have searched for the one remaining piece of the Doctor’s most important experiment.

But now Barbara’s exhausted. Why hasn’t the Doctor learned his lesson? What’s so important that his scientific curiosity outweighs the safety of the crew once again? And will his latest arrogant trespass be the last he ever makes?

Producer Ian Atkins tells us about this return to the era of the First Doctor: "With the whole 'London 1965' meme going around at present (at the time of recording), I find it particularly timely that Paul's been able to take us back to that those wonderful early years, in a story read by someone who was there right from the off.

“The Short Trips range has delighted in being able to travel the continuum from Classic Series to New, stopping off at many points along the way but it's important to me to remember how it started, and who with.

“Paul's story has the pace and mystery and wonder of 1964 Doctor Who, and it was a joy listening to Carole Ann Ford who understands that mood perfectly. And while on one hand it's a story about an unfathomable, crotchety alien Doctor, it's also beautifully about roast dinners and small notebooks. Only in Doctor Who!"

You can get this new adventure for £2.99 on download (only) out now from Big Finish.

Or you can save money with a bundle of the latest year in the Short Trips range and get 12 stories for £30 a year.

Coming next in the Short Trips range, we’ll hear not from a companion, nor even a friend of the Doctor... The Master, played by Geoffrey Beevers, takes over in this terrifying new tale, I am the Master.

There is a message for you. It comes from a long way, from a dying world. No, not a dying world. A killed world. And the message is from the killer. 

Please attend carefully. The message that follows is vital to your future…

However much longer that may be.

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