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Out Now: Marilyn and Sinatra

Out Now: Marilyn and Sinatra

19 June 2017

Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra join the ranks of Big Finish in this new audio drama!

This week, Big Finish releases Marilyn and Sinatra, an audio adaptation from the hit stage play of the same name, written by Sandro Monetti. You know their names but you didn’t know their love story…until now!

Marilyn & Sinatra dramatises the little-known tale of the rollercoaster relationship between Hollywood icons Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra. Stars Erin Gavin and Jeff Bratz play the iconic duo in a story exclusively to Big Finish. This release is available for download for just £3.99.

Sandro Monetti, the writer of Marilyn and Sinatra, explains more on his project to resurrect these Hollywood icons and, “to bring to the world the stories of great Hollywood stars that they don’t necessarily know. I came across this story that seems amazing and later found out to be true, that Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra had had a romance for a number of years, that later turned into a lasting friendship, and dramatised this as a play. The trouble is, how do you give a happy ending when Marilyn ends up on the slab? I found a way to do that." 

"I think the world has never been so difficult, and I think there’s a longing for nostalgia. It seemed a more gentle and innocent time for Marilyn and Sinatra.”

The actress behind the voice of Marilyn, Erin Gavin, tells us more about her characterisation of the 20th century star, "I have a clear understanding of who she really was in my own way... the little orphan who became a celebrated movie star. All she really wanted was to be loved and fulfill her big dream to act.

"I definitely relate and connect to Marilyn. I can feel what it would be like to be her and it's not all happy and glamorous...there is a little sad girl that lived inside her.”

After studying the voice, mind and the body of her idol, Erin's performances have since reduced audiences to tears, in this heartbreaking tale of lost love and romance. Make sure you catch this new release, exclusively from

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