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Out Today: Blake's 7 - Fortuitas!

Out Today: Blake's 7 - Fortuitas!

11 December 2014

The next in the popular Blake's 7 full-cast range is released today...

Blake's 7 - Fortuitas is out today, the second story of the latest full-cast range of Blake's 7 series from Big Finish and B7 Enterprises.

The search for Dayna takes the Liberator to Solace, a former galactic tourist trap fallen on hard times. When he loses a second member of his crew, Avon is forced to investigate a series of mysterious disappearances.

As Orac and Del Grant track a radical new movement that is campaigning for the purity of Solace, a deadly trap begins to tighten.

The future is Fortuitas. The future is now.

Unfortunately, following a last-minute mastering problem, there is no extras track on this CD. However, a 14 minute interview featurette (which - please note - contains spoilers!) is available in all accounts of all those who have bought the title through Big Finish. We apologise for this, and normal service will be resumed with next month's release.

Blake's 7 - Fortuitas is available now on CD or Download, with the first story in this run - Blake's 7 - Scimitar - out last month, and Blake's 7 - Mindset coming out next month...

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