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Recorded! The Classic 'New Adventure' that launched Professor Bernice Summerfield

Recorded! The Classic 'New Adventure' that launched Professor Bernice Summerfield

31 January 2012

Recording has now been completed on Doctor Who: Love and War, a full-cast adaptation of Paul Cornell's classic New Adventures novel, featuring the introduction of Professor Bernice Summerfield.

'As one of those around when Benny was first ‘born’ twenty years ago, I’m so excited to be able to help celebrate this anniversary,' says producer and director Gary Russell.  'I’m pretty sure no one, least of all her creator Paul Cornell, expected Benny to capture everyone’s hearts and imaginations as much as she did back in 1992 – the first non-TV companion to be an unqualified success, who has spawned her own series of books and audios. Whatever next? I’m hoping to celebrate her silver jubilee with the Bernice Summerfield action figure, Bernice Summerfield interactive Xbox game and a Lego Benny! Hmmmm, actually, let’s see if we can get those done...'
The story also marks the departure of Ace from the TARDIS and - despite various exits in novels and other media - Love and War will be the first time Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred have shared a leaving scene as the Doctor and Ace!
Joining them on this very special adventure are Lisa Bowerman as Bernice Summerfield (whose adventures without the Doctor continue in next month's Road Trip), James Redmond (Casualty, Hollyoaks), Bernard Holley (Z Cars, Doctor Who's Voice of Axos), Maggie Ollerenshaw (Open All Hours, The House of Eliott), Riona O Connor (Hanna, Richard III), Aysha Kala (Shameless), Ela Gaworzewska, Christopher Allen and James Unsworth.
'As a special treat, we've also recorded an adaptation of Paul Cornell's Prelude to Love and War, as featured in the pages of Doctor Who Magazine,' says producer Scott Handcock. 'Fingers crossed, we'll have it available to download as a podcast to whet everyone's appetites in advance of the official release!'
Love and War is released on double CD and download in October and is available to pre-order.

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