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The Avengers - The Last Episodes

The Avengers - The Last Episodes

3 September 2016

A sad moment as we mark the last day in studio for Steed and Keel on The Avengers...

On 18th August, producer David Richardson oversaw the final day's recording on our affectionate and painstaking audio recreations of the lost first year of TV's cult The Avengers series. Julian Wadham (Steed), Anthony Howell (Keel) and Lucy Briggs-Owen (Carol) were all in studio as recording on The Avengers - The Lost Episodes Volume 7 was completed.

Says David, "I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved on The Avengers: The Lost Episodes, in recreating all 26 stories from the show’s first season for audio. It’s been a blast to make - such an interesting challenge to authentically recreate something from over 50 years ago, with a cast of lovely actors. We became something of a family over all those recording days, and on the last day we celebrated with a bottle or two of champagne, and dinner in the West End. Steed would have approved."

Marking the end of the twenty-six episode run, all of which can be ordered through Big Finish, The Avengers - The Lost Episodes Volume 7 is released in January and can be ordered today at the pre-release price of £15 on Download, and £19 on CD (which unlocks a free download version for instant enjoyment while you're waiting for the CDs to arrive!). These special prices end with Volume 7's general release at the end of February.

If they've not already discovered them, fans of this quintessential British cult TV series can console themselves with further adventures for Steed alongside Mrs Peel in Big Finish's The Avengers - The Comic Strip Adaptations:

Check out the page today, or listen to the free episode from the range, The Miser, or take a sideways step in cult TV history for our audio adventures with The Prisoner.

(Picture courtesy of Ken Bentley)

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