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The Avengers - The Lost Stories: Volume 3 - Out Now!

The Avengers - The Lost Stories: Volume 3 - Out Now!

9 January 2015

The third volume of our much-loved, affectionate re-creations of The Avengers' lost episodes is released today...

The Avengers - The Lost Episodes: Volume 3 is now out, with (as ever) Downloads available to all purchasers (including CD buyers) and the CD boxed sets themselves winging their way from our despatch department as you read this.

Julian Wadham, Anthony Powell and Lucy Briggs-Owen again play the central characters in more adventures whose TV versions are now tragically lost in time. With guest stars including Miranda Raison (Spooks), Jacqueline King and Dan Starkey (Doctor Who), and Robert Duncan (Drop the Dead Donkey) it's a loving recreation of four further stories:

1 The Springers

Steed and Keel go undercover to try and crack a prison escape route.

2: The Yellow Needle

An attempt is made on the life of Sir Wilberforce Lungi, the Prime Minister of an African country on the verge of independence, and Steed and Keel attempt to expose his enemies.

3: Double Danger

A dangerous attempt to discover a cache of stolen diamonds goes badly wrong, and Keel is captured by a criminal gang.

4: Toy Trap

Keel is charged with keeping an eye on the daughter of a friend. But it soon becomes clear that all is not well at her place of employment, a department store in London…

The Avengers - The Lost Episodes: Volume 3 is available now and will be held at this pre-release price to the end of the month. Details and trailers for The Avengers - The Lost Episodes: Volume 1 and The Avengers - The Lost Episodes: Volume 2 can be found at the links, and the range continues in July with The Avengers: The Lost Episodes: Volume 4. Check out this link as today we've been able to add story details for the release.

The Avengers' Carol (Lucy Briggs-Owen) is interviewed in this month's copy of Vortex, the free downloadable Big Finish magazine, which can be found here.

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