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The Confessions of Dorian Gray Episode 4 Released

The Confessions of Dorian Gray Episode 4 Released

17 November 2012

The fourth episode of The Confessions of Dorian Gray, The Heart That Lives Alone, is available now for download.

Whitby, 1986. At a masked soiree on the Royal Crescent, Dorian meets the elusive and enigmatic Tobias Matthews: a man he is instantly drawn to... but also a man with dangerous secrets. Has Dorian Gray finally met his match?

Based on Oscar Wilde's famous novel The Picture of Dorian Gray and positing a world in which Dorian Gray was all too real and knew Wilde, The Confessions of Dorian Gray stars Merlin's Mordred, Alexander Vlahos, as the titular immortal. This week's fourth episode, The Heart That Lives Alone, is written and directed by series mastermind Scott Handcock; the last of the five episodes will be released next Saturday, and a subscription option is also available.

The series continues to be enthusiastically received: here are, rather appropriately, a selection of tweets about the third episode, The Twittering of Sparrows:

Dawn C: 'Wow, third ep of Confessions of Dorian Gray was especially gripping. Ouch.'

Mark Nalty: 'Have to agree it was excellent. I even shed a tear at the end. Bravo!'

Nicholas Slayton: 'Just caught the third episode of Confessions of Dorian Gray. I am loving this series. Delightfully Gothic and indulgent.'
Chris Myers: '@ManningOfficial & @vlavla have just broken my heart. Fantastic story and atmosphere. Well done all!'

RTPProductions: 'AMAZING Dorian episode! Stunning script and performances. Tear jerking at points!'

Arya-Lucy: 'Brilliant ep again! Definitely big fan of this series! Well done to all of you.'

Lela Sandstrom: 'The Dorian Gray series hasn't failed to be amazing every week!!'
Carefulsilly12: 'This is fabulous stuff. Dorian Gray is superb. A real spooky treat with a fabulous performance from Katy Manning. Well done Big Finish.'

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